Will your marriage survive quarantine?

Friday April 03 2020
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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the country into a lockdown. This is not like any other weekend or holiday which brought excitement and ended too soon. We now have time to catch up more and spend 24 hours, seven days with our loved ones. But this is not easy. This can turn out to be a nightmare to some people and a blessing in disguise to others.

Families that have established a bond already are likely to enjoy this period with spouse and children whereas some who are fond of burying themselves in work and using it as an excuse to stay away from home are regretting. Whatever the global pandemic is trying to teach us, we will know at the end but for now, we just need to survive through it and hopefully no domestic violence is reported.

There are some women who are celebrating because the universe has stepped in and created at least 31 days without spouses sneaking out of the home with weak excuses. Some people are already cursing this pandemic not necessarily because it is likely to sweep over mankind but because they blame it for this imprisonment.
But the question is, what happened to the fire the two of you had? Do you remember the days when you could not say goodbye? The time when you spent hours talking on phone and falling asleep. You loved waking up in his arms and making breakfast together.

These are the moments that led you to your knee to pop the question because you felt like you did not want to spend another day without her by your side and when you walked down the aisle and said ‘I do’ this is exactly what you signed up for.
I think the world is giving marriages and families a second chance. Fathers, it is time you teach your children how to plough the land and fend for themselves. Mothers, there is no other reason as to why you should not sit them down and teach them how to take care of themselves and their families.
Take time to bond with the people who are closest to you because this is what family is meant to do.

You can choose to dismiss this opportunity and curse this chance but in the end, it does not seem like you have a better choice.
The question of whether your marriage can survive this lockdown lies in your hands. What you do during this time will determine the aftermath.
Put the fighting and nagging aside and find the core for your relationship or walk away and never look back when this test is finally over.