You will not benefit from destroying your ex

Thursday July 4 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Yeah, your ex might have hurt you but whatever actions you will take to get back at him/her will not change how you felt.
How do you turn from one’s lover one day into an enemy the next day? There is a thin line between love and hatred but even so, do not lose humanity.

You can go ahead and call him/her a few names or even set some of his clothes on fire but destroying his character, career and esteem to multitudes of people who do not even know him is reprehensible.
I once heard someone say, “I am going to make you regret ever meeting me. By the time I am done with you, you will just be a ghost.”

This shook everyone around and we hoped that she did not mean it. Maybe she was just angry and under the influence of aching. But a friend pulled her aside and talked her down. She was hurting; she had trusted him but in return, he had preyed on her feelings and turned the sword when he was done with her. He had left her bleeding but that did not matter to him. She was just another girl he had dated.

Social media has fueled the already burning furnace among breakups. Men especially are using this platform to blackmail people into staying with them and once you call it quits, they threaten to destroy you by sharing the sacred photos you took in private. You might get a few likes and she will forever walk facing down out of shame but in the end, where is your gain? Do you think that will bring her back to you?

Some people go ahead and concoct stuff just to destroy the ex. But why don’t you use all this effort to find a new lover? There are very many people out there who might find value in you.

We have always been told that the best revenge is to move on. Although this might not make sense when you are hurting, it is the best revenge you can ever give to your ex. Do not lose your manners, dignity and humanity trying to cry over spilt milk. Instead find a way of getting another gallon of milk.


Breakup is part of the love game. Most people have been bruised, broken and left for dead by their former lovers and the human in you would want to hurt them back. However, this might just make you feel worse about yourself because unless you are an evil person, your conscious will turn into the court, judge and jury and it will sentence you to regret for the rest of your life.

The love boat will not always be calm and fun, sometimes you will meet the storm and like the Titanic, other people might lose a lot because of love. But very many people have sailed on this boat for years and have mastered how to anchor it.