She invited three men to the same date

Thursday May 10 2018

invited three men same date

She invited three men to the same date. COURTESY PHOTO 


Last Friday, while having drinks with friends at a bar, across from us was a young man and a very pretty girl with puffed up hair. I was at a vantage point, I could look at her without having to turn my head. So, I noticed when she got the first phone call and walked out. She came back five minutes later, and soon after she received another call and went out again. At first, the man did not seem bothered but the third time she got a phone call, I could see signs of irritation on his face. Then she came back, they danced a bit and he seemed better.

But as time went on, more phone calls came in, and she would go out to receive them. They soon left the bar and went to a table, but still within my line of sight. Then she got a phone call, walked out and but this time, walked back in with another man. Introductions were made, and this first man, let us call him ‘Mr Irritated’ came to the bar to buy drinks for all three. The two men did not seem to know each other, so she would talk to one then the other, dance with one then the other.

About an hour later, she received another call, walked out and walked in with another guy. This one looked older than the other two and from his looks, you could tell he was loaded. Let’s call this one ‘Mr Loaded’. She took him straight to the bar, and spent about thirty minutes with him, laughing, joking. He even bought her a drink. All this time, I could see Mr Irritated eyeing her coldly.

When she walked back to Mr Irritated’s table, he said something to her which she seemed to ignore. She was sipping on something that looked like Jack Daniels. She did not talk to Mr Irritated for a while, but the other man who had joined them was also not settled. I think he figured the situation was not his idea of fun, and melted away into the crowd. The next time I saw him, he was in a corner somewhere sipping a beer, lost in his phone.

But now, Mr Loaded was getting impatient, being left alone at the bar. So he started looking around and saw the girl with Mr Irritated who was sulking and not talking to the girl. He studied them for a while, got his phone and typed something. The girl checked her phone and immediately walked back to Mr Loaded who immediately nodded his head in Mr Irritated’s direction. It was obvious he was asking who that was. She said something, shrugged her shoulders in a dismissive way and affectionately put her arm around his shoulders.

Mr Irritated was watching all this. He came to the bar, bought two more beers and went back to his table. I lost interest in them for sometime.
Then suddenly, there was an uproar at the bar where Mr Loaded was. We all turned to look. Mr Loaded was on the floor, blood gushing from his bald head. And Mr Irritated was standing over him with a broken beer bottle. Apparently, after drinking his beers, he had walked across to the bar and broken the beer bottles over Mr Loaded’s head.

Meanwhile, Miss Lovely was nowhere to be seen. The moment she had seen this other one walk across, she took off like a rabbit that has seen a fox. And everyone was wondering what on earth had happened. I laughed because I had seen it coming, and not because I am a sadist, but because life is so sad, and most of the things that happen to us are out of our control. Like that poor bastard; how was he to know that the girl already had company?

He just called, and she told him where to find her. How was he to know she wasn’t the only one she had made plans with? Luckily, he wasn’t seriously injured. And luckily, he was not a fighter, he actually just stood up and walked away. Coward, some will say. But I say this is a man who knows that he was lucky to still be alive, and was not going to push his luck. Not for that type of girl, no way.