I am dating my boss but my colleagues are against it

Thursday July 11 2019


Dear Heart to Heart,

I am a 27-year-old professionally successful woman who has been dating my manager for the past eight months. However, the entire office has turned hostile against us and I find them gossiping about us all the time. Many think it is a career move and an easy way to get promoted. Also, whenever we have a misunderstanding, I find it difficult to concentrate at work, which hampers my productivity. How can I separate the relationship from work?


Goodman Jink. If you are walking around the office trying to show everyone that you are romantically together, then you are being unprofessional. Check your conduct within the work premises. If it is against the ethnics of those premises, then you need to change immediately.

Sulaiman Semakula. You have failed to differentiate between work and love. If you really love each other, then use this chance to look for another job. That way, you can still date your man without any obstacles.

Richard Rubongoya. One of you should resign and look for a new job. It is not easy to work with someone you are romantically engaged with. Plan to look for another job so that you can separate the two worlds.


David Lubega. Easy come Easy go. You do not mention what came first, you dating or the job? So did you expect other employees not to gossip when you are flaunting your love all over and turning the office into a lover’s park? You only have one solution, change your behaviour and tone down. Let your romance be a secret and avoid flaunting it all over the office.

Wandhama Festus Mukuve. Go and seek the advice of a professional counsellor. Here, everyone will just give their opinion and you will end up more confused than when you started.

Étienne Paul. I think you should leave that job, get another job and continue dating the man. That is if you love him.

Bastian Misaki Pato Jr. Stay in it and fight. Why must you separate when things are not as you expected?

Kalerwe Bwaise Katwe. The best way to separate business with friendship is to ask your boss to act professionally. You can still date but be more professional and show that you are focused so that key profit indicators are achieved. Then everyone will respect you and know that you did not get anything because you were favoured.

Waako. If you surely love him and you are both willing to make the relationship work, find another job. Things will get better and this will help you separate the two worlds.

Lydia Komubaizi. Professionally successful? Then how didn’t you realise that dating the manager of the place where you work is unprofessional and unethical?

Phoebe Miriam. Did you say you are professionally successful? How then did you deem it right to start dating your manager? This is unprofessional behaviour. It comes as no surprise that your colleagues have turned you into a topic of office gossip since a number of women have been promoted through dating their bosses. If you want to be respected professionally, you should never date a colleague or boss. The best thing you can do now is apply for another job and resign so that you may not cripple your chances of showcasing your skills in a more professional manner.

Moses Earthe. Tell him to marry you officially, then immediately, resign from work. It is not healthy for couples to work in the same office, unless if it is a family business.

Sophie Sing. Being in a relationship with someone you work with is so hectic. I know how you feel but it is not something simple and might take a while for you to get settled. However, if he is willing to marry you, then save your relationship and look for a job somewhere else.

Sharon Sheila. Concentrate on your work. Gossipers are at every work place. I think you need to choose which one to go on with and which to leave. Relationships and work cannot be compatible.
Thomas Ssemakula. Before posting this here to get advice from dangerous online inlaws, first talk about it with your manager cum boyfriend. Get to set and agree on terms for your relationship and work station. Talk about how to separate the two.

Kayizzi Ronald. Just act professional while at work. Know that he is your boss and do not try to display your affections during working hours.

Nyakojo Donavan Alecs. You are losing them both. If you leave him, the situation will force you to leave the job. But let me also ask you what do you want from that relationship? Is he married? Does he have children? Are you not being used? Know what you want so that you do not lose everything, including your reputation.

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