There’s a thin line between ‘just friends’ and lovers

Thursday September 19 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

It is so easy to convince yourself that you are single while your best friend is that gorgeous woman at your workplace or that handsome man in your church choir who you hang out with for hours.
Some people think that it is easy to be attracted to someone and just pocket your feelings because you think they are out of your league and instead of complicating the relationship, you relegate yourself to the friendzone.
Well, Tommy, has been hiding his feelings for this stunning girl at his work place. Without evening trying, Tommy approached Lydia with friendship because he knew almost everyone at his workplace had eyes on her and he didn’t think he had a chance. He therefore resorted to being just friends. She welcomed the gesture because he offered what other guys were not willing to offer friendship. A year went by and they were getting closer each day. All men saw him as a go between to her; did he like this? Of course not. What he did was discourage them from pursuing her. Three years later, a new guy at work managed to make his way to Lydia, without going through the ‘wall’ Tommy. Lydia having not enough suitors, decided to give the new guy a chance. Tommy got so depressed whenever she talked to him about the new guy.
Everyone started noticing the jealousy and at some point, Lydia was asked to choose between the two.
She knew Tommy well because the years of friendship had allowed them time to get close. As for the new guy, she had strong feelings for him but did not know much about him. At the end of the day, she decided to walk away from both men. The new guy wasn’t ready for the drama so he left. Tommy on the other hand was so used to having Lydia in his life that he was willing to bury his feelings but keep her in his life. Lydia’s family were fond of Tommy so they were all on his side and convinced Lydia that she would be making a mistake if she let him go.
A few months later, Tommy started pursuing another girl. When he confided in his ‘friend’, Lydia, she almost ran mad with jealousy. She managed to convince Tommy to let her go. Long story short, Tommy and Lydia ended up together as lovers. See, the friendship strategy worked for Tommy but some one else might not be so lucky. Your ‘friend’ might get snatched from you.