She used her sister to catch me cheating

I realised why Sandra had looked so familiar; she was my girl’s sister


BY Eugene Mugisha


  • My girl did not have airtime on her phone, so she called me on her sister’s.
  • After 10 minutes, I sent a message.


Every time I remember the incident, I cannot help but laugh at my own stupidity. Because it was simply stupidity and nothing else, perhaps maybe excessive male greed and lack of common sense! Oh, and also the love for easy things. It was too easy, she was too easy I should have smelt a rat. And I believe I did, my subconscious did try to warn me but trust me to ignore it and instead count myself a lucky man.

But a lucky man I was not. It was a pure setup and I fell for it. This is how it happened. My girl did not have airtime on her phone, so she called me on her sister’s. But I did not see the call until much later. And when I called back, the call went unanswered. So I sent a message, thinking it might be something important I had missed. Like a business deal, perhaps. My message was quite simple; ‘hello. I missed your call. Please call me back whenever you can”.
About 10 minutes later, I got a reply. “Hi Eugene. It is okay. Sandra”. I should have left it off at that. I mean, she had told me it was okay. But curiosity just would not let me be. So I quickly texted back; “which Sandra?”. She did not respond.

After another 10 minutes, I sent another message, insisting on knowing who she was. And probably, I am the one that gave her the idea to play the dirty prank on me. After about five minutes, she replied; “you do not know me. I came to your workplace someday, and I saw you leaving. I got your number from someone who knows you”. And just like that, she had me. “Oh okay. So, tell me all about this,” I pushed on. Stupidly I did not even ask who gave her my number. “Oh, there is nothing much. I just liked you. I hope that is okay.”

At this point, I was supposed to mention that I have a girlfriend. But I did not. Feeling like God’s gift to women, the ultimate male specimen, I started basking in her attentions and flattery. And before long, we made plans to meet. But not before she got some incriminating evidence from me. She asked me all sorts of questions, including asking me directly if I had a girlfriend. To which I responded, “yeah, but it is not working out. We broke up last week”. But we had not broken up! I had in fact seen her that same day.

We met at Garden City. I got there first and waited. Then 10 minutes later, she called me. I saw a girl who looked strangely familiar walking towards me. And I rose up to welcome her.
As soon as we sat down, someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind. I turned, and there she was; my girlfriend. And I realised why Sandra had looked so familiar; she was my girl’s sister. I would have laughed out loud at the stupidity of the whole thing, hadn’t my girl had a look like thunder on her face. Instead, I tried to downplay it, but the cat was out of the bag. I was not to be trusted. I was a lying cheating man.

She sat down, reached for Sandra’s phone and started reading out loud the chat we had had. It sounded so silly, I was ashamed of myself. But I could not leave, the situation was just ridiculous. Meanwhile, Sandra just sat there, expressionless, saying nothing. After five minutes, she excused herself and left, giving me a dirty look as if I was some despicable less-than-human thing.
And my girl asked me one question; “were you actually going to go through with it”. I knew that if I tried to bluff, I would be finished. So I told her the truth; yes, I was.

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