Yes, the wedding ring changes everything

Thursday October 4 2018

Without ring you are not his wife

A couple exchanges wedding rings. FILE PHOTO 

By Christine Nakalungi

Growing up in the early 90s, I enjoyed playing mother and father games. You know the kind of games where all girls in the neighborhood fight to be the mother to the handsome boy next door? Yes, it was a priviledge to be selected as a wife and mother, your responsibilities were to cook for the children and give orders around the house. In one-way or another, this prepared us for the future. We all dreamt of having our own homes one day and play wife for real. But some men are determined to destroy that dream by belittling the significance of a ring.
Most girls will be shy to ask if you will ever marry her but as time has debated, I no longer fear to ask. You either want to spend the rest of your life with me or you do not. I might give you a year and not later to decide.
There is no guarantee that if we date for three or five years that you will marry me anyway.
Life is not that complicated. If a woman has not made an impression in a year, I do not think she will impress you later. It is crystal clear that everyone tries to be their best in the early days of dating and give up trying the moment she or he catches the prey.
A ring is not just a piece of jewelry to showcase around. It has the power to change a woman’s name and family. Your love life is no longer between the two of you but your families become relatives. With the ring on a woman’s finger, the children cease to be bastards; they are not the illegitimate sons and daughters but the heirs to carry on the family legacy.
Quote me right. I am not talking about the engagement ring. Some men are good at confusing marriage for engagement. If you love her like you claim, you have got to put a ring on that finger and make it official. Or else do not play victim if someone else does it before you.
Without a ring, a woman is free to move on and date anyone and you have no right to put up any fight. So if you were asking if marrying someone changes everything? Yes, it sure does.