Sometimes, you need to give dating a break

Thursday November 15 2018

I assumed love where there was none


By Christine Nakalungi

Jumping from one relationship to another is exhausting. Besides having difficulty tuning your feelings from the ex to the new partner, you are setting yourself up for pressure and more pain in the long run.
Seldom times we are led to believe that once a relationship ends in heartbreak, that we might not be able to survive another day. However, the end of a relationship does not mean the end of life. If at all you feel so lonely and you need another person to fill the void, then it is time to take a break and re-discover your inner self.
Jumping from one relationship to another will drain you emotionally. As a matter of fact, you will loose your esteem because eventually, you will feel used and not worthy of anyone’s love. Sometimes, therefore, you need a break from all the stress and drama that comes from sharing your love and space with another person.
Once in a while, take yourself out. Go for a swim or vacation and just breathe fresh air without anyone nagging you or questioning your every move. It is okay to just switch off your phone and watch a comedy while eating popcorn and laughing out loud. Once you have found your ground again, you can go ahead and date but do not deny yourself that ‘me time’. It is something that will make you appreciate life more.
If you doubt the effectiveness of taking a break, ask your human resources manager who ensures that all employees get at least 24 days away from work and all the stress that comes with it. It is because even the best minds need a break in order to achieve productivity.
A break helps to revitalise your soul and sets you up for better adventures. The point is not dating as many people as you can but to date someone worthy of your feelings and time. Some people out there can smell anxiety and the desperation which they use to trap anyone who is hungry for a relationship but all they are contemplating is to just take a piece of you before you get back to your senses.
If you do not take a break to think about the last relationship and to weigh your options, you might end up dating the similar kind of heartbreakers like the previous ones.
In the end, it will be your heart bleeding so do it now before it is too late.