Funny you should ask... Deborah Asiimwe

Do you come across people out there in the USA who still think Idi Amin is still president of Uganda?
Oh, yes I meet several of those. There are always two things they ask when they get to know that I am Ugandan; they ask about Idi Amin, they think he is still alive and in the recent past people point at me and say, “You are the people who want to kill gay people.”

So how do respond to the one about wanting to kill gay people?
I simply ignore them.

What meal have you eaten before and it left you worried for your stomach?
It was at a certain thanksgiving to which an Asian friend of mine had invited me. I ate sea food and ended up leaving the dining table and threw up in the bathroom.

Would you make a first move on a man?
No, never.

Why not?
I think it’s a cultural thing, I don’t think it’s in my DNA to make a first move.

What character of a man would you not want to get married to?
Someone who does not fear God.

Fearing God in what sense; Muslim, born again or Buddhist?
It has to be someone who is Christian.

What do you always like to do when no one is seeing?
I am obsessed with picking my ears, that’s what I do all the time.

What is the funniest disease you have suffered from?
Mumps; swelling of the cheeks, you cannot swallow, it’s hard to smile and you know I like smiling. And when someone looks at you, you look weird. Picture this: Philip Luswata is standing for presidency and he is consulting Daniel Omara who is already stealing money allocated for campaigns and Dickson Zizinga is complaining that his votes have been stolen.
What title would you give such a play?
I would call it Circus, because at the end of the day it would be an unresolved matter with each one of them trying to justify their position.

If you were to be a play, what sort of play would you be and why?
I think I would be a drama because it has it all; seriousness and comedy. Basically it’s a representation of life. You wrote a play titled Appointment With God could it have been inspired by an actual appointment with God.
No, actually it does not have anything to do with God.

Then again, why do you spell God as God in that play?
Because the character I am referring to in the play thinks that he or she is a god.

Do you dream that you are on stage acting?
Yeah, I have ever dreamt acting; missing my lines and my entry cues and I woke up to find it was a dream.

How old is your oldest bra?
I don’t know. This is so funny, because when I was coming back from the USA, some of my luggage was stolen and it included my toiletry. All my bras were stolen so all the bras I have are new.

So how old are they?
I think the oldest is two months.


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