Bitwire’s day as an air hostess

Tuesday March 12 2019

Bitwire poses for a photo with some of the

Bitwire poses for a photo with some of the cabin crew members she met aboard Emirates Airlines. COURSEY PhotoS 

By Godfrey Lugaaju

Recently, on an emirates flight from Entebbe to Dubai, was a young girl wearing the emirates air hostess uniform. The smart young girl was embraced by the cabin crew team and the rest of the passengers as it is unusual to see such a young girl as part of the cabin crew.

About the girl
On asking, she introduced herself as Helen Bitwire, a Year One pupil at Agha Khan Primary School. She said she has always admired air hostesses on the few trips she has had aboard Emirates and thus wanted to look like them. She hopes to become one when she grows up and dressing like them is one step closer to her dream.

Dubai was one of the places of transit to her

Dubai was one of the places of transit to her destination.

Acquiring the uniform
Her parents, who are regular travellers on Emirates bought the attire from the Emirates shop in 2014 to further inspire their daughter to become an air hostess. On seeing her with a similar uniform, the crew welcomed her. There was no prior arrangement. While on board, the flight attendants were kind to show the young girl around and what they do.

Sitting at the window
Much as she is a regular traveller, the first born in a family of two, had never sat by the window. When her dad offered her the window seat, she declined because she feared that she would fall out. She, however, enjoyed it on the return journey from USA to Uganda after realising how comfortable and safe her father had been.

Fears aboard
The plane’s wheels moving on runway before take off was tense as everyone was shaking. At some point she thought she was going to fall out of the window because it was very fast. But when they reached the clouds, Bitwire says she relaxed.

On the plane
When the plane stabilised, her dad allowed her to be with the air hostesses and they kept moving around the plane with her.
Bitwire hopes that with hard work, she will

Bitwire hopes that with hard work, she will achieve her dream. PHOTO BY GODFREY LUGAAJU.

Conduct aboard
She says her dad was happy with the way she conducted herself in the plane, especially when she served them a fried egg. The people on board were also happy to see her and most of them kept on greeting her throughout the journey.

Memorable experiences
She says the trip was nice and flying is fun. “The aeroplane had many television sets and I watched Snow White, Cinderella and Frozen,” she recalls. She travelled to Dubai, San Diego and then USA, where she met her grandmother, friends and big brother.
Bitwire says it is a nice and fun feeling experience helping people around in the plane.
The air hostesses were warm. She took photos with them, and they showed her how different things are done on the plane. While there, she cooked an egg and served to her parents.
At night time, she washed the dishes and also wiped the plane. Samia, one of the hostesses, became her friend. “I miss the friends I had made while there because they are nice and warm people,” she says.

Future plans
On the next flight, she hopes to pack her cards and play with the passengers on board. I will also wash the dishes again as it is an exciting experience. To achieve her dream, she says she is working hard and does everything that the teachers tell her to. She shared with them her dream and they always do their best to guide her.