Failed resolutions? A new year, a second chance

Thursday January 3 2019

The New Year is here and many people are

The New Year is here and many people are looking forward to setting goals that they would love to accomplish before the year ends 

By Christine Katende

Racheal Amwatoko, school director
I had planned to set up a music room to enable my pupils have a special programme for in MDD focusing on western culture such as orchestra and ballroom dancing, among others. This did not come to pass due to the many financial demands we had at the school. I am, however, set to give it a priority at the beginning of term one in 2019 where I also intend to involve parents. I am looking at a child who leaves our school after Primary Seven being able to play the keyboard, violin and guitar, among other musical instruments, and also be able to perform different dances.

Ivan Naijuka, communication’s officer
I think I have met all the resolutions I set in 2018. One was to get another job, which I did. The other was to get married, I wedded my beautiful wife Edgar in May. I just thank God for the favour he accorded me. I am looking forward to set goals that I will fight to achieve in 2019.

Ziporah Nalubega, cashier
The biggest goal I had set in 2018 was to buy a plot of land and construct rental houses. I managed to save the money but someone close to me borrowed it and unfortunately did not pay me back in the agreed period of time there by failing my plans. I looking forward to saving again in 2019 to at least secure a plot of land.

Peace Nassejje, housewife
I had set to construct rental houses which I was able to do but unfortunately the money got finished at the roofing phase. I however, plan to save more money in 2019 and finish the project around June so that tenants can occupy them in July or August 2019.

Ernest Kivumbi, Politician
I wanted to construct a house on the shores of Lake Victoria but it has not been possible since I failed to raise enough money to hit my target. I am, however, more than determined to save more money so that I make it a reality before the end of 2019.

Charles Ssetimba, graphics designer
My only resolution for 2018 was to keep time every day. For example, I had wanted to arrive at every event five minutes earlier, and I have managed to achieve it up 80 per cent. The other was to wake up at 4am every day so that I read and learn something new which I have managed to achieve. This has helped me focus and has at the same time taught me self-discipline.

Obedi Kiyaga, telecom engineer
As we ushered in 2018, I set going back to school as the main goal. I really wanted to pursue a higher degree (Master’s degree in engineering) but unfortunately I failed to secure an admission, thereby missing out. I am, however, looking at broader options come 2019, making a bigger scope of courses in different countries.

Grace Lotet, caterer
I have accomplished almost all my set goals in 2018, such as getting married. I have only missed out on one, which is strengthening my relationship with God. I want to work on making myself pure in the eyes of God. I am set to have a prayerful family that respects God, standing by each other’s side, enjoying life together, enduring storms together and comforting one another.

Linda Lwasa, photo editor
At the beginning of 2018 I weighed about 86 kilogrammes and wanted to at least reduce to 60 kilogrammes but I have only managed to loose reduce 8 kilogrammess. I, however, plan to find time for gym in 2019. I will exercise and eat a balanced diet so that I hit my goal and probably stay fit.