Mother's Day: Ugandans online want matooke, not flowers

Wednesday May 9 2018

Ugandans online want matooke, not flowers

Ugandans online want matooke, not flowers 

By Clare Muhindo

Though the culture of giving out flowers is not a big deal in Uganda, there is no doubt that receiving a bouquet of flowers is day-brightening experience for some recipients.
Flowers and gift baskets make people happy and encourage them to feel better. But anyway, why are we talking about flowers right now, yet Valentine’s Day happened months back!
Oh well, Mother’s Day is a few days away, so you must be wondering what would be a better gift for your mother or mother of your children (in this case wife or girlfriend or baby mama).
We did an opinion poll on the Daily Monitor Social media pages, both Facebook and twitter. The poll question was ‘A bunch of Matooke or a bouquet of flowers?’

Ugandans!! What happened to being romantic? Of the 383 people that participated in the poll on Twitter, 82 percent opted for Matooke, while only 18 percent were for flowers.
This was not so different from the Facebook poll, where 83 percent of the 345 participants voted for Matooke over flowers.
Here is why Matooke overruled in the 24hour poll;
Janet Twin Kamalha said “Matooke of course! Do I eat fresh flowers??.... heheheheh, they dry up and throw them away but with Matooke, it adds something to my body.

Edwin Kwred said; “Here in Uganda food is the 1st thought in our traditions and culture but we're trying to in cooperate other cultures like flowers treasures among others which are too confusing. Be Ugandan.”
Rhoda Katono “Matooke of course. Food is scarce and expensive. Others just beyisako mbu flowers.”
Gasana Al Yusef “You first have to eat, then get the strength to pick the flowers. So matooke is a deal.”
Wayomirwot Vivian said, “Matooke all the way... I would sell it and buy me flowers and keep the change... end of story!”
But does Vivian know that a bouquet of flowers costs more than a bunch of Matooke?

According to, an online shopping website, the smallest bouquet of fresh flowers costs $10 (about Shs37,000). Prices go up to a high as $58 (about Shs215,000).
A bunch of Matooke at Nakawa Market costs between Shs15,000 to Shs30,000 depending on the size.
Anyways, this is what the tweeps had to say!
@hazierthanfog on twitter said “My mum would so much appreciate the matooke. Actually she would even ask me if I can make them 2 bunches hahaha.”

Henry T Alwin‏ “Flowers are not part of African, but western culture. A topical African mother would opt for food, not flowers.”
@NamanyaRacheal “Food is bae.”
@Kingzakouny “You don't go carrying a matooke meeting your mother and be like "Surprise Mama I brought you matooke" be thoughtful brothers. Mothers Are not like us men thinking abt food all the time so flowers would be a lot sweeter and nice #BeSweetForAchange.”
@ReginaDrescher “I bet it's men choosing Matooke. Look at the comments, like they fell from the sky. FLOWERS and LUNCH for me this Sunday with lots of chocolate.