Problem shared is a problem half solved

In life, we face many challenges that include social, economic, cultural or political factors. It’s rare to live without trials. These circumstances we encounter make us develop our reasoning. In fact, the challenges we face force us to find ways to deal or overcome them thus widening our thinking capacity.

There are circumstances we may handle ourselves and those where we may need assistance from a friend, a brother, a counsellor, a religious leader or any other relative. When a problem is shared, the solution may be got easily rather than concealing it.

Sometimes we fall into trouble because of being too secretive even about something we cannot handle by ourselves. For instance, a colleague of mine almost missed a job opportunity because he was afraid of asking for help from others. He is a proud man and believes he can be independent of others.

The trouble came when he applied for a job in a certain company. The human resource told him to submit his application and the C.V via email before the day ended.

This comrade is not conversant with the internet. He never wanted others to know he was applying for a job. He trembled for the whole day until he failed and asked for help from a comrade. The friend helped him to write the application as well the C.V and they sent it to the right address.

He learnt a lesson that day because if it had not been for the friend, he would have missed the employment opportunity. He has now changed his attitude after realising the importance of sharing our dilemmas with others.

There are many people who have committed suicide just because of a simple problem. But if they had sought for help from others, that problematic scenario would have been solved and they would still be alive. There are others who have also lost their marriages, jobs and businesses due to the act of hiding their mistakes and hesitating to ask for help from colleagues.

Whenever we share our problems with responsible people, we get help. By responsible people I mean those who can really understand your problem and give you the necessary advice.

I know there people who don’t mind or bother helping others. Some take other people’s tears to be their joy. I describe such as vultures. But not all people are like vultures. We should seek help from those whom we think have a sense of care and love.
Otherwise, if you stay with the problem without getting a solution, it may become disastrous to you as well your family members. Let us always seek advice from others when we fail to solve problems.


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