Stretch within your limits

Saturday June 27 2020


By Ethan Musolini

Last week, while talking to my coach, I told him about an exercise regimen I had started, besides walking daily. The regimen is an additional 45 minutes three times in a week.

I then added that I was planning to upgrade to five times per week. His response? “Ethan, don’t because 3 times per week is enough. It’s better that way to do it consistently than overstretching and you drop the habit” I listened, nodded and it made a lot of sense. Why? Because I have had some experiences where I started with a lot of ‘gas’ only to drop the momentum down the road. As I look back, had I taken a road of a bit of moderation, I would still be in the game.

That reminds me of someone I know very well who had not exercised for over five months and then went out aggressively for over an hour.