What you say matters

Saturday March 23 2019

Ethan Musolini

Ethan Musolini  

By Ethan Musolini

Sometimes I come across stories where someone is regretting what they said. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late to take it back. You may say sorry but by then, it would be late. One time, I heard someone say that saying hurtful words is like driving a nail in a piece of wood. Even if you remove the nail by saying sorry, the hole will remain.
That means, moving forward, you have to pay attention to what you say. How can you do this? If it’s a critical conversation, you need to reflect on a couple of things. How can I make this conversation productive? How can I make it more loving and compassionate? What else do I need to pay attention to?

Make your words count
When you ask yourself such questions, it does not mean that you will never make a mistake. But it does reduce the chances of you making a mistake and regretting later. Making this happen calls for a keen mindset that thinks – “My words matter. I shall make them count in the right manner”.
Of course, I am not saying that you become tight lipped unless you work in security agencies or in an environment that doesn’t allow that.

Extremes are rarely good. Be balanced. Be free but in a conscious manner. Be aware of what is going on and the kind of impact your words may have. Besides what comes out of your mouth tells the world who you are. And you want to be known from the positive side of things.
Here is your task, next time you are going to speak, ask yourself, what’s the plan for me to achieve what I want?

Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, motivational speaker, HR consultant and success coach. Ethan.musolini@gmail.com.