Who are Uganda’s best film stars?

Friday August 22 2014

Officials from Uganda Communications Commission

Officials from Uganda Communications Commission and Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor (L) watch a film clip during the launch of the film festival recently . PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

By Arafat Ndugga

The upcoming Uganda film festival will present us an opportunity to establish the best film stars in the country.
The official opening of the second edition of the Uganda Film Festival at Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) will run under a theme, “Empowering Ugandans through film”.
A jury comprising Leonce Ngabo (Burundi), Barbel Mauch (Germany), Dominic Dipio (Uganda), Faustin Misanvu (Uganda) and Femi Odugbemi (Nigeria) conveyed in Kampala to pre-screen up to 178 films submitted for awards.
The list of nominees has since been released by UCC. The festival is set to take place on August 25 – 29 at National Theatre. Among the activities lined up for the four-day event are the film showings and exhibitions in three selected venues which are; Century Cinemax-Acacia Mall, Cinemagic Cinema-Naalya and Ham Cinema Makerere. There will also be training programmes for film makers and those interested in film distribution and marketing. Below is the list of nominees;

Best Student Film
1. The 7-11
2. Nyugunya
3. Trash Cash
Best Short film
1. Missing
2. Crying for help
3. Haunted Christmas
Best Animation
1. The Vow
2. Arms of Clay
3. Mr Kaye (Olwatuuka)
Best Documentary
1. Hooked
2. Afronaut
3. The Zamrock Survivors
Best Screenplay
1. Felistas Fable
2. Reform
3. Superstition
Best Cinematography
1. Zamora
2. Superstition
3. Reform
Best Sound
1. Felistas Fable
2. Zamora
3. Spying on Susan
Best Editing/Post Production
1. Felistas Fable
2. Spying on Susan
3. Superstition
Best Actor
1. Yasin Lubowa (Clan’s wife)
2. Isaac Kuddzu (Felistas Fable)
3. Robert Ernest Bbumba (Superstition)
Best Actress
1. Joanita Bewulira-Wandera (Felistas Fable)
2. Faridah Kuteesa (Clan’s wife)
3. Justine Namuganda (Reform)
Best Feature Film
1. Felistas Fable
2. Superstition
3. Zamora
Film of the Film (awarded to the director)
1. Dilman Dila (Felistas Fable)
2. Paresh Gondaliya & Zziwa Aaron Alone (Superstition)
3. Shams Bhangi (Zamora)