Common Sense: Why Drake Lubega’s woes could spoil it for many men

Wednesday May 30 2012

Common Sense: Why Drake Lubega’s woes could spoil it for many men

Drake Lubega, a Kampala tycoon whose wife accuses him of infidelity with several women. File photo. 

By Robert Kalumba

If you’re really not into news stories about endless walks to walk/markets and how Uganda Cranes for the umpteenth time is going to raise our hopes only for them to go and lose the match and follow that loss up with annoying ad’s in papers calling on us to support them AGAIN, then the story of Drake Lubega’s marriage woes must be a breath of fresh air!

He’s a very reclusive business figure that, if it were not for Bukedde Newspaper splashing his picture in the on-going woes with his estranged wife, and I had bumped into him on Nassar road, I would have mistaken him for a struggling land broker!

How wrong and stupid would I have been for such a conclusion about Lubega!

Apparently, the businessman partially owns the whole of Kampala with a string of buildings and business within town.

But going by press reports, all those buildings and businesses are at his wife’s mercy; she’s determined to have half of his vast property portfolio as compensation for all she has had to take in their decade long marriage.

If press reports are anything to go by, then we men are in some dire problems courtesy of the above case.

Lubega’s wife talks of endless suffering she has gone through in the hands of the tycoon. I don’t know whether she is telling the truth; however what I know is that when a man gets money, the one person he abuses endlessly is his wife.

He will cheat on her with all sorts of women, ranging from the wife’s sister to the matron at their wedding. He will beat her.

He will take her on a painful journey that will leave the poor soul broken within and totally lost in the world.

Normally what these kinds of women do is to “stick it out” in various ways; either they become “saved”, or became serial cheaters themselves all in the name of revenge!

But all that could change if Lubega’s case ends up in court.

For once women will feel they have the master key to a happy marriage and that is; if you mess about with me, I will take all that you have including the pet dog! And if the hubby has such a crappy lawyer, the houses in Michigan and East London could be added on the list of properties lost to the pissed off wife!

So what does this mean for future marriages? Well, how about signing prenuptial agreements before we tie the knot?

How about hiding those chunks of land next to Lake Victoria worth Shs300m from her and pray hard she never finds them?

Goodness, we men really have it rough; not only do we have to borrow our- you know what, to satisfy our women with lavish weddings, we now have to watch our wealth in case its grabbed from us!!

But what about if we men treated our wives with all the love and dignity they deserved despite the headaches they present to us, do they think all that stuff of pre-nups would be necessary!?