Final Flames of Uganda Martyrs is a must watch

Friday May 27 2016

By Edgar Batte

A new film about Uganda Martyrs debunks the notion that Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda ordered Mukajanga to execute the unrepentant palace pages who had converted to new religions.
Ahead of June 3 Uganda Martyrs celebrations, the film is a wind of fresh air to the story retold numerous times in Uganda but still retains its mystery.
Final Flames of Uganda Martyrs is a story of “vengeance”. It is tale of anger against the people that killed the Uganda Martyrs.

The story line
The movie challenges the traditional narrative Kabaka Mwanga killed the converts for disobeying him personally. Film writer and producer John Ssempebwa says someone else gave the orders, and Mwanga was a scapegoat.
Film maker Philip Luswata directed the movie that was largely shot in virgin Kalangala islands which portrays Buganda kingdom of 1870, at a time, the Baganda worshipped their gods called lubaale, through witchdoctors.
One day, a witchdoctor’s son asks his dad to quit sorcery. But ofcourse the old man can’t. However, he was gracious enough to send his son to learn Islam, one of the new religions in the kingdom.
But when 97 Muslims are martyred, the witchdoctor’s son freaks out of Islam. His dad gets him a job in the palace with the Christian martyrs as a page.
As fate would have it, the Christian Martyrs, too are killed. The boy is saved again, but he is castrated.
Later, he lives to replace the man who killed the martyrs.
This is the story with background of Buganda history and heritage, a with white cast to represent foreigners in Buganda of the time.
This martyrs story coming out ahead of June 3, is a new way of telling Ugandan stories.
Final Flames of Uganda Martyrs will premiere on Monday, May 30 at Theatre la Bonita at 6pm and 8pm. It is one of the activities this year that pilgrims could take advantage to enrich their knowledge of the triumph of good over evil.
This is the story that indeed sowed seeds of Christianity and Islam in Uganda.
Tickets cost Shs20,000 and are available at Theatre la Bonita from May 29.
Miss Tourism queens will usher in the guests while music will be provided by Frank Mbalire and Sammy Kasule in their new break away band Ziwuna.