Nourish your heart with Comedycine

Thursday March 16 2017

Zizinga (left) in action.

Zizinga (left) in action. 


You might have a meal at a fine restaurant or at home but it is not only your mouth that needs feeding. Your heart too, needs some nourishment and humour is what the doctors recommend.

The creative minds at Fun Factory capitalised on the notion to dub their weekly dose of humour Comedycine. The stage doctors are as wacky as can be, treating revellers to comedy that reduces them to baby giggles and teenage laughter.

The humour is delivered in jokes packaged in skits that weave tickling diction fused with hyperbole. Dickson Zizinga is a loose guy. He has impregnated his ‘side dish’. He is not picking her calls since she broke the news to him that she’s pregnant. She shows up at his home at a very early morning hour.

On seeing her, he grows restless, pacing up and down as he threatens her to leave immediately. She stands her grounds and won’t leave. More so, she would like to see his wife, her ‘co-wife’ and break the news to her. The way it plays out when the three are on stage is zany.

Then there is the drunken trio of Richard Tuwangye, Frobisha Lwanga and Simon Base Kalema who, in their drunken stupor, insist they are ‘sweet 16. None of them can stand on their two legs and their speech is daffy. Their costume is laughable; over-sized coats and calabash wound around their necks.


Fans have to reach in their pockets for handkerchiefs to wipe their eyes of tears from laughing as they take in the jokes relayed by the seasoned comedians. It can’t get any sillier. Lwanga and Kalema have gone to Central Police Station to pick Tuwangye, and while they uncoordinatedly negotiate his release, they beg for a ‘refill’, in the presence of a police of a police officer- played by Hannington Bugingo.

Tuwangye was taken to police by a bar lady for non-payment of his bill. Justice is not served as the police officer asks her if she is single. He is lewd and is out to use his position to take advantage of the fleshy, attractive bar woman.

For the week’s dose of comedy, Veronica Namanda was director. Fun Factory under which the creative minds are unified is on stage every Thursdays at National Theatre, at 8pm.