Interact with nature at Kyangabi Crater Resort

Sunday February 3 2019

Cool off: After a long day, you take a plunge

Cool off: After a long day, you take a plunge in the swimming pool at Kyangabi. PHOTOS BY ROLAND D. NASASIRA  

By Roland D. Nasasira

Time check, 8pm on a Thursday evening with fellow travel lovers. We arrive at Kyangabi Crater Resort in Rubirizi District, western Uganda which neighbours Queen Elizabeth National Park. To get there, you drive through Kasese to Mbarara, either from Kabarole or Mbarara districts.

The environment
When we arrived late evening after spending most of the day on the road, all we wanted was to rest. Our sight at night was limited to where the artificial light stopped.

At sunrise, we took in the lush green environs which comprise different tree species and rocks. When we woke up, Queen Elizabeth National Park sight stood out the most.

As the elephants and buffaloes browsed the savannah grasslands. We took memorable photos with the park in the background and those without professional cameras at least took advantage of their smart phone.

Samuel Byaruhanga, one of the employees at the resort, says the place is gifted by nature which they have utilised.
“We have eucalyptus trees, lantana camara flowers, gardens of tea spices and food, from which we harvest,” Byaruhanga says.

He adds the fact that the resort is between a national park (Queen Elizabeth National Park) and the western rift valley makes it worth to explore and tour not only the resort but the western region and its beautiful geography.


While to the south of the resort is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, known for gorilla trekking, the north of the resort borders Kibaale National Park, known for chimpanzee trekking. To the east-north of the resort is Lake Mburo National park in Mbarara District.
“The facility is of high class and standard. It allows you enjoy world class accommodation and relieves you from stress of the city or town centres. When you come here, the air is fresh and you have enough personal space to refresh your mind,” Byaruhanga explains.

While I wondered if the wild animals would not find their way into the resort in the night, a high metallic perimeter wall that was built around the approximately 50-acre resort shields away the wild creatures.

At night, you can hear a pin drop while you enjoy the comfort of your bed. I had peaceful sleep. The only noise that I could hear was one from the room television, which could be controlled.

Unlike rooms in most urban centres whose bedroom floor finishing is mostly with terrazzo, at Kyangabi, they used chipped black sedimentary rocks.
The floor has a vanish finish which makes it shiny and durable. The ceilings are also made out of wood.

I got to discover that the only part of the construction where cement was used was at the joints. The black roof blends with the lower part of the housing structure built using stone.

The atmosphere and hospitality are to die for. I could not ask for more than another day’s stay at Kyangabi Crater Resort.


You could ask to go chimp trekking in Kyambura gorge . All trekking activities are under Uganda Wildlife Authority and it is the one that issues out chimpanzee permits.

Chimp permits cost $50 per person per trek and are booked at UWA offices in Kampala or on ground. This permit allows you one hour with habituated chimpanzees and includes a guide for the day.