The perfect island escape

Saturday July 6 2019


By Eric Ntalumbwa

She turned off the lights and two candles were lit. I took off my clothes and remained in my pair of boxers.
“Kindly lie on your back,” requested the therapist whose name was as less important as the white colour in the Uganda flag.

She wore a yellow promotional T-shirt and black tight skirt. She smeared oil on my feet and gently pressed each toe. She switched to rubbing my legs and then thighs. She draped a towel over my ‘VIPs’-Very Important Parts, massaged my abdomen but my thoughts were pure.
However, I was in a state of embarrassment and excitement.

I shut my eyes as she massaged my chest, shoulders and biceps. The one-hour aromatherapy was filled with gentle strokes that lull one into bliss. I treated myself to the ultimate pampering at an exclusive spa. I had nothing to lose as the resort manager had promised to settle my bill of Shs50,000. This was at Victoria Forest Resort.

Arrival at Bugala Island
The day before, we embarked on a three-hour voyage from Nakiwogo, Entebbe to Lutoboka pier in Bugala Island-Kalangala. Upon arrival, one would simply say, “Thank God we made it!” For the last one year, water-based transport has turned into a nightmare for potential travellers following the unfortunate incidents on lakes Victoria and Albert. At 5.15pm, we disembarked the MV Kalangala ready to reward ourselves for all the hard work with a bit of fun and relaxation.

I was in the company of Pamela, Jonathan, Julius and Emmanuel- a group of enthusiastic travel journalists.
A woman in her 40s stood in plain sight holding a placard with the inscription: VICTORIA FOREST RESORT. “You are most welcome to Kalangala,” she said with a smile. She quickly expressed interest in carrying my travel bag as a sign of hospitality. “Don’t worry. I can manage it,” I responded, as we walked to a van which had a male chauffeur.


Behold the wonder that is Victoria Forest Resort. A place where the four (S) come alive; sun, sand, sea and sex. The facility blends effortlessly with the natural beauty of the lake and forest all complemented by vistas, romantic shores and glorious nature. From the pier to the gem was an exodus. They handed each of us a glass of juice and room keys. Five of us were allocated the five rooms on the top.

Upon unlocking the door to room 310, I dashed to the balcony. The breathtaking views of the sun setting over Lake Victoria recreated memories of the amorous gaze of my wife during our honeymoon. The scenery got me wishing she was here. Nevertheless, with the complimentary wireless Internet and a warm shower, I was guaranteed the best experience.

The verdict is almost unanimous: the food is little, but they have appropriate dining service. What would you expect from four big boys with big appetites? Eunice ensured we were comfortable and happy as we dined. The light skinned girl served us with a smile.

At one moment when we grumbled about little rice, she brought us more, and asked whether we needed more. She quickly noticed our gloomy faces and rushed to the kitchen, returning with slices of ugali welcomed by cheers from the big boys. She had mastered us. Our meals comprised chicken, whole fish, chevon, rice and ugali.

New day
I woke up at 6.30am and dressed up. I knocked on Pamela’s door as a reminder of morning fitness. She had requested to be part of my drills at the terrace which was ideal for a workout.

We jogged and stretched as the soulful waves kissed the shores. Thereafter, I opted for a refreshing plunge in the swimming pool.
With a myriad activities on offer, how we chose to spoil ourselves was limited only by the imagination

We delighted in the thrills of fine dining, and music. I asked for a massage as others asked for a steam bath. Hours later, fish was served. I strolled to my room for a good night sleep feeling relaxed ahead of the morning departure at 8am.

As I admired the interior of my room, I realised the 32-inch TV screen clamped on the wall which was never switched on during my two nights stay. And indeed I chose to ignore it.

About the Resort
Located 500 metres from Lutoboka Pier this resort offers standard, millenium and deluxe guest rooms, tents and royal cottages all with spectacular views of Lake Victoria. The resort has a 3 Kilometre beach, beach bar , conference rooms and a 24-hour front desk.