Uganda a gift from God

Sunday July 1 2018

Tourism attraction

Tourism attraction. Elephants in Murchison Falls National Park in Western Uganda are a great tourism attraction to Uganda. PHOTO EDGAR R BATTE 

By Amos Wekesa

My best times of reflection happen when I am running and strangely when I am in the loos. I think about important things of life and I make some of the best decisions in those moments.

Anyway, while doing my morning run last week, I thought about several things in life, including how this world functions. I thought about God, who by the way many people call nature, including scientists.
There is much in this world that sends my mind thinking all the time, like gravity and scientists.

Scientists can’t create gravity but simply describe, they can’t create humans but can only study and describe them probably treat them if they can. They will describe the moon and the sun but cant create them etc.
Every time I board a plane and look outside the window, I always think about how insignificant I am but yet so full of potential. I also think every scientist struggles to come to terms with themselves, as far as the universe is concerned.

While running, I thought about how fair God the creator is.
I thought to myself; had I been God in my current me with all my weaknesses, I would make sure the sun only shines on some people, I would make sure the rain only falls on certain roofs, I would place lakes and rivers near those that can take advantage of them.
But God being God, makes sure the rains fall on roofs of those who won’t use the water through trapping same using gutters, makes sure the sun shines in the land of people who wouldnt use solar for lighting.

God will give a country such as Uganda lakes and rivers than any country on the continent yet the same country will have less than 0.6 per cent of its land under irrigation.
I thought to myself while running, the only time God was unfair is when He advantaged Uganda over the rest of the world at the time of creation.
God placed so much in one small country called Uganda.

Talk about the weather, the water bodies I have mentioned above, talk about the mammals, about the primates, the diversity in culture, the mountains, the valleys, the birds, swamps, reptiles, the fertile soils and yes, let me single out the world’s sweetest pineapples.
While running my mind run to countries such as Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, countries with hardly any natural resources to talk about but look at how they have flourished.


We Ugandans can say, without Japan, life wouldn’t be the same.
Their cars make up more than 80 per cent of the cars on our land, without which our food from villages wouldnt make it to the markets, our fuel would come from Mombasa and even our local super stars are judged on the quality of a Japanese car they drive.

But again, I thought to myself success isnt for the most handsome, for the least educated, the most educated, the most gifted, the tallest, most vocal or one from the best backgrounds but success comes to the ones that look deep into themselves and pursue the potential they have within.

The writer is an investment expert