Untamed beauty that is Aruu Falls

Tuesday April 9 2019

Memorable: One of the tourists enjoys the feel

Memorable: One of the tourists enjoys the feel of Aruu Falls in Pader District. PHOTOS BY EDGAR R. BATTE. 


The untamed waters of the Aruu Falls will leave you awestruck. Looking at them could be interpreted to be ‘sinful’ because in their blaring nature, they are so inviting for a swim, at least for a picturesque moment, or even both. Getting to the Falls is an earned sight. You will take some careful steps from the higher part of the rocks and slowly descend a beauty of green and stone, all as natural and inviting as motherland has kept its tourism treasures.

In this part of Pader, in northern Uganda, two rivers meet in a liquid embrace, and through different points, express joy in a flashy manner.
And as they do so, there is a coolness given off, all year round.

Seasons of power
We are told the falls are not as energetic in March, owing to the sunshine effect that has taken down the water levels. One can only imagine the power of the Aruu, when in full effect mode as a sight to behold. We were there to witness the untapped tourist sight as part of Tulambule (let’s explore), a tourism campaign aimed at showcasing Uganda to Ugandans, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Propping the fainthearted
One of the ambassadors chosen for the northern edition was kick boxer turned celebrity, Golola Moses, who took every opportunity to show how fit he was, much to mesmerised onlookers. In effect, he gave confidence to the fainthearted to take a dip into the river bed, for a swim and some with a big splash into the waters. There was also an opportunity to take a step upper to the falls and sit beneath, and let the waters run over their bodies, so naturally that the sight of enjoyment tickled more travellers to take their turn under the falls.

The look on the travellers was so peaceful that it could have been the coolest bath they have had. For your writer, it was a pleasure snapping away the moments. Moses Golola was a good subject for his frolicking and the women in his company were perfect models against the falls and on the peaceful river