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About Daily Monitor/Monitor Publications Ltd 
Daily Monitor was established as an independent daily newspaper, The Monitor, and relaunched as Daily Monitor in June 2005. Daily Monitor is a subsidiary of Monitor Publications Ltd, which is owned by The Nation Media Group and five other individual shareholders. The paper's private ownership guarantees the independence of its editors and journalists, free from the influence of Government, shareholders or any political allegiance.

Monitor Publications product portfolio includes:

  1. Daily, Saturday and Sunday Monitor Newspapers
  2. 93.3 KFM
  3. 90.4 Dembe FM
  4. Ennyanda Newspaper
  5. Daily Monitor E-paper (Electronic Edition)
  6. Nation Couriers Uganda
  7. Monitor Digital holds the websites and social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube.

Daily Monitor is the only Ugandan newspaper that reports on news stories unhindered and conducts serious investigative reporting in the public interest. We consistently break stories and set the news agenda. The culture of freedom is reflected throughout the newspaper, ensuring an open-minded and innovative approach to every aspect of publishing activity. Daily Monitor is keen on striking a balance between information, education and entertainment, as evidenced by its various products throughout the week.

  1. Monday: Healthy Living , Central Extra, Teaching and Learning, Newspapers in Education (NIE)
  2. Tuesday: Prosper, Rainbow
  3. Wednesday: Homes and Real Estate, Promise Tracker
  4. Thursday: DM Today
  5. Friday: Sqoop, Jobs and Careers
  6. Saturday: Score, Full Woman, Seeds of Gold, Weekend Digest
  7. Sunday: Life, People & Power

About Monitor Online 
Monitor Online is the online edition of the Daily Monitor newspaper. Started in 1994, it was one of the first newspaper websites on the African continent. The website reflects the content in the print edition but also provides updates throughout the day. Our drive is to build a true new media brand that combines the intelligence, imagination and style of Daily Monitor, with the immediacy, depth and interactivity of the Internet. We tailor our content to provide as diverse a coverage as is possible. However, Monitor Online is not only interested in informing, educating or entertaining you. We have amazing business/advertising packages to help you sell your products, services or company image. Our website is the most visited website in the country, offering potential advertisers utmost value for their money. Put your money where you customers are! 

Rules for comments and discussions on the Monitor website 
We're glad you're here--and can't wait to see what you think about stories that are published on our websites (monitor.co.ug, sqoop.co.ug and kfm.co.ug) and all our social media platforms. But when you're composing that insightful genius, remember--we want to be objective. In that case, when you type a comment, imagine you're saying it to the person's face. If you can't play nicely, we'll take your ball and send you home. Or at the very least, delete the offending post. Repeat offenders may be banned for posting comments to all Monitor websites and social media platforms. 
Should we be more specific?

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These don't cover every possible naughty (or nice) act. We reserve the right to reject or redact any comments or posts that violate the spirit, as well as the letter, of our policies. 
That's all. Go forth and be open. If you find relevant, helpful ideas here share them with the world. That's what this site is about!