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  1. That spicy and easy to prepare dish at your convenience

    It is a new year and time to try out the Thai fried rice served with Belgian endive, fruit and nut salad

  2. 10 items to get rid of in your kitchen

    Some items got to be discarded from your kitchen as soon as yesterday. We bring you a list of the different things you have to do away with

  3. 10 essential items for your kitchen

    Walking that kitchen aisle in the supermarket this year, don’t forget these essential items. These items will stand the test of time

  4. Easy meals to prepare for Christmas and Boxing Day

    This Christmas season we have come up with a selection of recipes from which you can select and tailor your own menu

  5. PRIME Get your kitchen ready  for the holidays

    The festive season has kicked in but before you start on your recipes, you ought to stock your kitchen

  6. Avocado: Not faring well away

    The fruit problem. For the Australian farmers, they have surplus avocado as the prices have nosedived to a record low. Here are is what it is like on the market away and how one ought to...

  7. PRIME Your fingerlicking riviera salad

    There are times you might be bored of dining out to have that salad. Enjoy making the riviera salad at home

  8. The tasting menu affair

    This is a win-win situation as it will allow the chef a chance to show off his culinary skills

  9. PRIME Naan–Glorious Tandoori baked flat breads in your kitchen

    Flatbreads range from below one millimetre to a few centimetres thick so that they can be easily eaten without being sliced

  10. Kabira capitalises on the Indian cuisine

    With many restaurants around Kampala failing to define themselves, Kabira Country Club has found their niche around Indian dishes, writes A. Kadumukasa Kironde II

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