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  1. How to live this year with God

    You could maximise your time with God in the week and know what each month symbolises

  2. PRIME God raises his worshipers

    Today, Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world, with 2.4 billion followers (one-third of the global population). The US has the largest Christian population in the world

  3. Christmas is a feast of good will

    "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will." (Luke 2:14)

  4. PRIME In Lutaaya, death blunts the tip of Buganda’s spear

    In eulogies, all mourners remembered Lutaaya senior as defined by humility, which in turn opened doors for him, and earned him both trust and respect in life

  5. We can end Great Divide between Roman Catholic, Orthodox churches

    Spiritually and theologically, far more unites the Western and Eastern Churches than divides

  6. PRIME World Aids Day comes with a ray of hope 

    The church has a role to play in the fight against HIV. Also, the programmes it has ought to be strengthened further

  7. PRIME Patience: God’s timing not ours

    What happens if you are impatient and what does the Bible teach about patience?

  8. Jesus Christ redeemed leadership  to deliver peace

    What is leadership? Celebrating this day, one learns a few lessons from Mary the mother of Jesus, writes Msgr Wynand Katende

  9. Let us pray for the dead if we love them

    The purification process is called purgatory, from the verb to purge

  10. PRIME Let us protect every human life at all costs

    A lot has changed with the way people around the world treat each other. Many have forgotten that the precious gift of life is God-given

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