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  1. PRIME If heaven was real, Richard Leakey would be allowed in

    There were Kenyans and other Africans who believed Leakey’s atheism was a problem, and Moi was capitalising on that

  2. Covid-19 still kills but let’s not have lockdowns in 2022

    I witnessed this first hand at Entebbe International Airport recently when I was forced to pay for a Covid-19 test yet I still had valid results. A soldier at the airport pleaded with people who...

  3. PRIME How we can do better to make Uganda better

    The second thing we should do to make Uganda a better place is to take our work seriously, especially work that we are paid to do

  4. PRIME War against graft: Nakalema must be joking

    But in our country, the good guys are vastly outnumbered by the bad ones. It is hard to win

  5. PRIME It’s not time yet for women to be presidents

    Women can lead Uganda, but they are unelectable

  6. PRIME Is Africa rising the wrong way?

    Africa’s take-off stage appears to be eclipsed by conflict

  7. PRIME Why is a ragtag armed group called ADF able to kill Ugandans?

    Effective intelligence gathering doesn’t mean Uganda cannot be attacked by terrorists

  8. PRIME Corruption and incompetence making Uganda a failed state

    Uganda is managed by incompetent people, and our leaders should be ashamed

  9. PRIME The story of my Covid-19 vaccination

    ‘‘Headache? So mild that it was almost negligible. Swellings? No. Rash? No

  10. Do not sit on J&J vaccine; use  it and vaccinate more people

    You could even sell the J&J vaccine to those who can afford it

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