Casinos that accept PaysafeCard: Are these payments really safe?

What you need to know:

Majority of online casinos accept several payment methods. One of these methods is the PaysafeCard payment. This payment option grants users a certain level of anonymity and protects privacy. The following article answers the question: Are payments via PaysafeCard really safe?

What is the PaysafeCard?

The Paysafecard was developed in Vienna at the beginning of the 2000s. At the time, the company behind the prepaid card offering was Paysafe Wertkarten GmbH. In the early years, buyers of the pin code received a prepaid card comparable to conventional phone cards. In the following years, the Paysafecard was continuously developed further. Currently, the pin codes are printed on cash register receipts. Since the introduction of the Paysafecard, the company has become the global market leader for prepaid payment methods. Currently, the PaysafeCard can be purchased globally at over 650,000 points of sale. At the time of writing, the provider operates in 27 languages. The PaysafeCard is available in 31 currencies. Approximately 176 million payments are processed annually with the prepaid card. Due to this success, the British financial services provider Skrill took over the company Paysafe Wertkarten GmbH in 2013 and combined the offer with Ukash. This new company was sold to the owner of Neteller, Optimal Payments Group, in 2015. With Paysafecard, Neteller and Skrill, Paysafe Group Plc offers three of the most secure payment methods for online casinos and sports betting, following advice on betting.co.uk.

How secure are PaysafeCard payments in online casinos?

Processing transactions with the Paysafecard in online casinos is absolutely secure because no other person knows the code on the receipt. Since no personal information has to be provided either when making a purchase or when making payments in online casinos, anonymity is guaranteed. Another advantage is that in many Paysafecard casinos payments are free of charge. Furthermore, transactions can be processed easily and quickly. In most online casinos, PaysafeCard payments are accepted for bonus programs. Meanwhile, the PaysafeCard is the most important prepaid payment method in US online casinos. Similar payment methods do not come close to the PaysafeCard.

Payouts to the Paysafecard are currently only offered by a few online casinos. Instead, winnings are paid out via bank transfer. With the payout to the checking account, the anonymity is over. It also takes a few days until the amount is credited to the account.

Other relevant information regarding security

Due to current money laundering regulations, it is not possible in this country for unregistered users to make payments exceeding the value of 50 euros with the PaysafeCard. Per year, the limit is set at 15,000 euros. Registered PaysafeCard customers, on the other hand, are allowed to use multiple cards up to a maximum total amount of 1000 euros per payment.

Buying PaysafeCard credit

Credit can be purchased in various amounts online and at points of sale, such as lottery retailers, kiosks, discount stores and gas stations. Users are allowed to choose amounts from 10 to a maximum of 100 euros. To make a deposit in the online casino, all that is required is the 16-digit pin code printed on the purchase receipt. As soon as the credit is used up, the pin code loses its validity. This is especially helpful during covid.

The world of sports betting is very extensive. From betting opportunities of various sports to bonus offers that bring additional credit to the betting account. The goal of placing a bet is of course always a profit. In order to be able to get an even higher profit, there are various strategies that a bettor can apply.

Different bonus offers are waiting for you

If you think that a sports betting bonus is always the same, you are mistaken. Almost every bonus offer differs not only in terms of the bonus amount, but also in the type of promotion.

Probably the best known bonus is the so-called "deposit bonus". Often, newly registered bettors receive additional bonus credit on their first deposit and can use it freely afterwards.

Besides this bonus, however, there are other offers that are also very interesting and offer a good chance of a high payout.


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