How do live casinos work?

What you need to know:

Live casinos on the Internet work similarly to on-site gambling halls. Because in this, too, the players sit opposite a so-called dealer. Often they can communicate with him and also with each other and there is a real feeling of gambling.

 How does the Live Casino on the Internet work?

 As already briefly touched upon, the participants as well as the dealer sit in front of a camera that is connected to a terminal or simply firmly belongs to it, for example a PC, laptop, tablet or also smartphone. This makes it look as if you are actually sitting at a gaming table and participating in roulette, poker or baccarat. The camera should be able to display a good resolution so that a realistic casino feeling arises. The great advantage of live casinos on the Internet is that participants do not have to leave their own homes and can play from the comfort of their sofa or desk. The different games can also be started on the go and are therefore a great pastime. Just like in a real casino, the cards are assigned randomly so that all users find fair conditions. It is important that the respective provider has a state license. This way, players can be sure that the provider is reputable and is regularly audited. Often, users simply have to register and can then start playing right away. The registration process is very fast and only a few clicks are required. Check out wetten.com to learn more.

What are the advantages of a live casino on the Internet?

Probably the biggest advantage of live casinos on the Internet, in contrast to on-site gambling halls, was already mentioned above: players no longer need to leave the house. This is quite advantageous not only in the pandemic. It eliminates the need to search for a parking space in the city, and you also don't have to wait until you can sit down at the next gaming table. Instead, this all works from home. The respective portal shows where a seat is free and which games are currently available.

Another big advantage is that playing on the Internet is possible with different terminal devices. Also, participants do not need to adhere to opening hours and can play the respective slots or table games 24 hours a day.

So there is a lot to be said for going to an online casino with a live dealer. Those who want to save themselves the stress and do not drive to the city for it, can use their time better and instead of searching for a parking space, already participate in the first rounds. Thus, it becomes clear that there are very many advantages that arise for users when they play in a live casino.


 A live casino on the Internet is a great alternative to the local gambling halls. Through this, there are several advantages at once. Almost all table games as well as slots are offered, which are also available in a real casino, so that the users do not miss anything. In conclusion, it can be said that a live casino on the Internet is a very practical alternative to an on-site gaming hall.

What makes a bonus a good offer?

As already mentioned, it is not always the bonus amount that matters. A look at the bonus conditions is much more interesting. Before all the conditions of the bookmaker are implemented, a payout of the bonus and the winnings made with it is prohibited.

Many betting portals have too difficult bonus conditions to be able to protect themselves from a payout. In fact, only very few betting sites rely on truly fair conditions that can be implemented even by a completely inexperienced tipper.

In order to be able to find a fair bonus, the bonus conditions have to be compared. The turnover requirement, minimum odds and other conditions play an important role and should be examined more closely. Only if you are confident that you can implement all the conditions in the specified time period, you should go for a bonus.

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