Between a Premio and Wish, which is better for Uber operations?

Thursday January 14 2021
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By Paul D. Kaganzi

Between a 2004 Toyota Wish, Premio or Noah, which should I consider for Uber business? Luwa
Hello Luwa, Toyota Premio has a slight edge over the Toyota Wish when you need to choose between the two for your Uber business. The Noah is not an ideal choice for regular Uber operations since here, drivers rarely carry group travellers in excess of four. 
When choosing a suitable car for Uber operations, you will consider fuel economy, car age and mileage, customer comfort, practicality, affordability and maintainability. 
The Premio and Wish’s fuel economy is almost the same. 

Their 1.5 litre petrol engines deliver 16-18 KM/litre while the 1.8 litre engines deliver 14-16KM/litre depending on how aggressive you drive, the number of passengers or amount of cargo on board and the engine service condition. 

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Whereas the sleeker more aerodynamic Wish may have slightly better fuel consumption on the highway, the smaller subcompact Premio will have a better combined highway and urban fuel economy where an Uber operator is busiest. The 2004 Premio and Wish will be easier to maintain and afford if the mileage is low (below 100,000kms) with a good maintenance record. The higher the mileage, the more costly it becomes as you need to replace ageing but expensive suspension and long life parts.
The Wish is more spacious and practical as it can carry six passengers or plenty of cargo. On the other hand, it is rare to have to carry six Uber passengers. A Premio is comfortable enough for one to three passengers with light shopping. The more subcompact Premio is easier to maneuver in city and suburban traffic or roads.