Can I cover my car one week after a paint job?

Thursday September 10 2020

By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, is it okay to cover my car a week after painting it? Alice

Hello Alice, it may be okay to cover your car one week after a paint job.  However, the choice of car cover material or how and when you use it can cause damage to your car paint, however old it is. 

Car covers are one of the options used to protect a vehicle or its paint against extreme weather elements such as rain, storms, the sun, dust, tree branches or leaves and even bird droppings. 

Car covers are sometimes used as a security feature against petty thieves who snatch mirror glasses. Car covers available on the market are made of neoprene, plastic or tarpo canvas material. The common hazards posed by car covers to car paint are damage of paint due to heating of trapped moisture or dust and debris scratching of paint during fitting, use or removal of the car cover. Here are some useful tips:


Avoid putting a clean cover on a dirty or dusty car. The dust and debris will scratch the paint surface. First wash the car.

Do not cover a wet or moist car. On a hot day, the moisture build up under a plastic cover can cause water spots and white milky permanent stains on the car paint. To avoid this, dry the car and use a breathable car cover to allow evaporation of moisture.

Choose a car cover with the right material. Recommended covers should have an internal lining of a gentle felt material to prevent scratching. Outdoor covers should have zippers or strings to secure it against flapping, which lets in dust. 

To protect against rain, ensure that the car cover is waterproof. Sun protection can be ensured by choosing a cover with built in ultra violet protection. The car cover should be the right fit on your car to provide ample top to bottom protection.