For Shs36m, Kasekende bought his dream car

What you need to know:

After driving a Toyota Wish for some time, Benjamin Kasekende decided to buy a VW Touareg. He says this has given him a peace of mind since it is spacious and easy to drive even on bumpy roads.

When one talks of comfort in regards to a car, one of the brands that come to mind is Volkswagen. While there are several makes of the same, Benjamin Kasekende chose the VW Touareg 2005 model after selling his Toyota Wish.

“I bought it five years ago at Shs36m. It is comfortable, classy and an all-wheel-drive vehicle,” he says.

While the Wish afforded him a lot of space, with the back seat being so practical, especially when children want to sleep, Kasekende says the Touareg is roomier, affording every user enough legroom. The five-seater, five-door car also has enough room for luggage.

“It being spacious makes getting in and out of the car easy. Additionally, the seats are wide and can comfortably sit more than three adults,” he says.

Unlike most luxurious SUVs, the Touareg has a four-wheel-drive feature that enables it to drive well off-road. “As such, even with our bumpy marrum roads, I am never worried of skidding or failing to manoeuvre through a mud poodle. It also negotiates with ease, making driving less tiring,” he says.

Ground clearance

Kasekende says this is further bolstered by the air suspension system that changes ground clearance depending on speed and driver demand. It provides approximately 11.8 inches of clearance under 12mph.

It is also such a powerful vehicle giving you horsepower of 240hp (6,000 rpm), and torque of 229 lb-ft (3,200 rpm) coupled with six cylinders.

Close to 100 percent of the Touareg’s engine power can be sent to either the rear or the wheels.

“This works well in case you need power in a particular pair of tyres. It also has a couple of off-road helpers (Hill Descent Assist and Hill Climbing Assist), which when coupled with a locking rear differential makes it safe to drive regardless of the terrain. There is also an option of having a navigation system that eases travel to unknown places,” Kasekende says.


With the ability to tow up to 3,492kgs, the vehicle is also safe for its users because it comes with side-impact and side curtain-type airbags, traction control, and antilock brakes as a standard.

The beauty of the 2005 model is that the exterior comes with rounded body shoulders while the doors have an unmistakable groove.


Kasekende services his car every after 10,000kms, which costs between Shs600,000 and Shs800,000. For maintenance, to cut back on costs, some small checks must be done.

For instance, he says, one needs to check the timing belt often since this is costly to replace. Additionally, check the tyres so that you continue having a smooth ride, even off-road without using a lot of fuel.

“Despite the high service as well as repair costs, ensuring to go for scheduled servicing means I will not get any shocks or get stranded on the road,” he adds.

Spare parts

These are available around town but Kasekende prefers to buy his from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “They are cheaper there and I am assured of getting genuine products,” he says.


Unfortunately, unlike the Wish which was a 1.8 litre engine, the Touareg is a 3.2 litre engine which makes its fuel consumption unfavourable. However, with all the perks that come with the car, Kasekende says he is not complaining.

Is Touareg discontinued?

Volkswagen Touareg was first introduced in 2002 - in Europe and the USA. While its development and production for the European market are still active, the model was discontinued in 2017 for the US.


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