I sold my Kluger due to its fuel consumption

Friday October 23 2020
By Roland D. Nasasira

The Toyota Kluger is in the same category as the Toyota TX and Toyota Harrier. However, what has endeared the Kluger to some motorists is its stability on the road and spacious interior.  

Henry Musinguzi
I have had my Kluger for two years. One of the aspects I like about it is its ample interior space. It is meant to carry up to seven people, including the driver but it can carry up to 10 people since it has foldable rear seats where other passengers can sit. 
When I go to the farm or travel upcountry, I do not need a pick-up truck to carry foodstuff for my family. I create space by adjusting the rear and middle row seats and load the car as I want. The only worry would be that when overloaded, much as it increases the car’s stability, it will consume more fuel.  On the downside, the Kluger’s engine size is somewhat bigger (2400CC) compared to that of the Toyota Harrier (2200cc) I have driven before. You will feel the pinch when it comes to fuel, especially if you often drive in traffic jam because it then consumes more fuel. Surprisingly,  it consumes less on a highway because the engine is running and performing faster at constant speeds. 
To refuel, I fill the tank of 72 litres at approximately Shs260,000. I find it disadvantageous to put little fuel because then, it gets used up faster compared to when the tank is full. 
When it comes to maintenance, it is not a car I am forced to park for long periods due to lack of spare parts. As long as I take the car to a reliable mechanic, I will drive away from the garage when the fault has been fixed. On average, I spend between Shs150,000 to Shs250,000 on service and maintenance. I replace parts such as oil filters, air cleaners, engine oil and spark plugs.  


Henry Musinguzi

John Yakalemye 
Although I owned a Kluger until recently, I put it up for sale because it tends to consume more fuel, especially in urban areas that have slow moving traffic. I wish the manufacturer had swapped the comfort it offers with a much less fuel consumption capacity or smaller engine. Whenever I refuel with Shs20,000, it could take me to my destination but chances were high that it would not take me back home. I had to top up at some point. 
I like the space it provides. Beyond just giving you more space for more load, I like the legroom. 
It is a car that allows you to drive without feeling any pain in the legs or the need to stretch. When it gets to the co-driver’s seat, whose space is not occupied by the steering wheel, it is one position where you tilt the seat and sleep off when you are being chauffeured. 
Much as it has a big engine size, it is pocket friendly when it comes to service and maintenance. I do not spend more than Shs200,000 for any major repairs. 
As far as performance is concerned, even when I am driving at relatively high speeds and I do not reduce the driving speed over small humps, I do not feel the discomfort the humps come with since it has raised ground clearance. 
The car does not easily touch the road surface unless you are driving on the roughest of roads.


John Yakalemye

Moses Serumaga
One of the things I like about the Kluger is that it has a powerful engine. It is one of the Sport Utility Vehicles with a very fast and high performance engine. Even at high speeds, it will not shake or vibrate like some cars do. When you accelerate, you feel its stability on the road.  
Because I love gadgets, it comes in handy with lots of storage pockets that are spread all over the car. 
There are pockets on the car door sides and the dashboard area. It also has a number of speakers all over the interior for a motorist who loves to listen to music while driving. Its fuel consumption is affordable, especially on a highway. It is a long and heavy car and this is an added advantage to its stability while driving. 
It only comes with the automatic transmission and this means when you are driving in slippery upcountry roads, the two wheel drive system may not be as supportive like the manual transmission system would.    
In regard to service and maintenance, its spare parts are readily available since it shares some of its parts with the other Toyota Sport Utility Vehicles on the market such as the Toyota TX.