Is it better to buy a car with 100,000 km mileage?

Dear Paul, We appreciate your service. What fuel economy would a 2000cc cover provide? What mileage difference is there between a 1990 cc and a 2000cc (Caldina 2003) and how easy is it to attain spare parts of a Toyota Opa. Thanks, Edy

Hello Edy, Fuel economy statistics in modern car engines may not always be affected by a difference in engine size, especially a negligible one of 10cc (cubic capacity). Rather it is the fuel delivery and valve train technology which may influence fuel economy statistics.

For instance the 1AZ-FE 2.0 litre engine multi point fuel injection in the Carina and Toyota Opa is reputed as a work horse which gives reasonable fuel economy of 10-12 km/ litre. On the other hand a Toyota RAV4 2000 with a 2.0 litre 1AZ-FSE D4 (Direct four) fuel injection system delivers a fuel economy of 15 km/ litre because of a more efficient fuel delivery system.

You need to note however that there other factors that may affect or improve your car’s fuel economy such as fuel designed with engine keep clean or performance enhancing additives, your car engine service condition, state of your car tyres and your driving style. The Toyota Opa’s 1AZFE engine is simple to maintain and has available service parts at Toyota Uganda or independent outlets in town. Repair parts are also available.

Hi Paul, Thank you for the advice. When buying a car online, is it better to buy a car at 95,000km milage or at 120,000km, I think these vehicles under the recommended 100,000km mark service, so the one above 100,000km should be better. Ronald Ishaka

Dear Ronald, You seem to suggest that it is better to buy a car online that has exceeded 100,000 kilometres because it may have had the mandatory Toyota 100,000 km full service (timing belt, fuel filter etc).

Whereas this may make sense there are circumstances or cases when a pre- or post-100,000 kms vehicle mileage is not the deciding factor. The maintenance history of a car you buy online matters. A poor maintenance regime may not have carried out the Toyota 100,000 km service. On the other hand you may find a car with low mileage which was reversed but having covered the 100k km service.

You ought to double check the reputation of the car source you would like to buy from online or locally.
Try to get as much technical background information such as the inspection report, auction report to tally mileage and car condition.

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