Is it more difficult to replace a rear drive shaft?

Friday November 27 2020
By Paul Kaganzi

My CX-9 recently started making light knocking noises coming from the rear and the knocking has gotten worse over the last day or so. I jacked up the rear but there is grease all over the inner left (driver’s) side CV boot, the one closest to the differential. The other three boots are clean, so I am pretty sure this is the culprit. Does this sound correct? I see lots of repair guides for replacing the front CV half shafts, but none for replacing the rear. Is swapping the rear more difficult than working on the front? Robert

Hello Robert, replacing rear drive shafts is not rocket science and certainly not more difficult than it is to remove the front drive shafts. Matter of fact, you are basically removing the drive shafts from the transmission driveline after disengaging the wheel carrier and obstructing suspension components. 

What is important during the process is using correct tools, following the correct procedure during dismantling, removal and refitting the new drive shaft. This helps to avoid damaging the drive line. It is equally important to know why the old drive shaft failed like you correctly identified the leaking CV joint rubber boot on the rear left axle. All should be fine if you procure a good quality replacement drive shaft.