Mark II Grande offers luxury

What you need to know:

A five-door saloon, the Mark II Grande is one of the brands produced by Toyota. These motorists like the car for a number of reasons

Eric Kalyango  

I have driven the Toyota Mark II Grande for three years. I previously drove the Toyota Mark X but sold it for the Mark II Grande because it has better ground clearance. I also like it because it has a smaller engine of 2000cc compared to the Mark X’s 2500cc engine. This (2000cc engine) also comes with better fuel economy and consumption. For instance, when I am driving city rounds, I will cover approximately 10 kilometres per litre of fuel. This depends on where I am driving because different places, especially in Kampala have different rates at which traffic flows. On a highway, I normally do light acceleration and cover 15kilometres per litre of fuel.  I also like the Mark II Grande because it is a luxury car and the driving comfort it comes with is equally something to look forward to. Unlike some saloons such as the Premio whose sitting comfort is compromised by accommodating more people, for maximum comfort, the Grande accommodates four to five. The driver and co-driver enjoy as much leg room as they can because of the length of the vehicle. However, passengers are somewhat cramped; not able to stretch their legs well.

Moses Kiberu

I previously drove the Toyota Premio but ditched it for the Mark II Grande because of the speed it gives. When you want speed, it will give it to you, much as it may at times consume more depending on how you accelerate. Its engine is relatively smaller but has the power to give you the speed you want. At high speeds, the rear tyres tend to protrude out of the car body and appear bent and this gives the car increased stability levels. It also has a somewhat big trunk that carries a sizeable amount of luggage. However, the luggage does not have to be heavy because it will not only impact of fuel consumption but also negatively affect the rear suspension system.  I carry out service once in five months because it is not my daily drive. Most of the service is preventive because there are times I drive to the garage and there is nothing to replace, except an oil change.

Isaac Niwamanya

One of the ways of I have kept the Mark II Grande longer since 2014 is by servicing it on time. Unlike most Toyota brands that show signs of mechanical faults and you are still able to drive, you cannot drive the Mark II Grande when signs of a faulty part start showing. For instance, when I had just bought it, the engine struggled to pick up speed even as I accelerated harder. When I went to the garage for a thorough diagnosis, the fuel filter was clogged with dirt thus not allowing enough fuel flow to the engine block, until I replaced it. Since then, I service the recommended parts on time.  Since I drive it daily, service is thrice a month. I prioritise engine oil, fuel and oil filters, transmission fluid, spark plugs, brake pads, and a few other serviceable parts. This costs approximately Shs200,000 but Shs700,000 for  full service.


Power - 160 PS

Fuel - Patrol   

Full tank Capacity - 70 L


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