Mark X is comfortable but costly to maintain

What you need to know:

Whereas it is liked for its speed and stability, for these motorists, the Mark X is also costly to refuel and maintain

Richard Arinaitwe

The Toyota Mark X is sporty by make and this makes it comfortable and stable when driving at high speeds. When driving above certain speeds, the rear wheels tend to protrude from the car body to appear as if the car needs alignment but this gives it more stability as the speed increases. This also means that it does not easily veer off the road.

However, since it is mostly electric, when one fuse is damaged, I have to replace all the others because they are interconnected and function jointly. The ground clearance is low and this means I have to drive cautiously to avoid damaging the front and rear bumpers and the parts underneath the car

The other downside is that it is not a car you can easily refuel with Shs10,000 because of its big engine size of 2500cc. The minimum you can refuel with is Shs30,000 and above. When you run out of fuel completely, you need more than 10 litres to restart the engine because the system from the fuel tank to the engine is completely empty and this makes the engine thirsty for more fuel.

Patrick Aguma

The Mark X is one of the fastest Toyota saloons I have driven. To enjoy its speed requires a tarmacked road where it is more stable and reliable compared. This makes it more of an urban car. On the highway, I drive 12km using a litre of fuel and approximately seven kilometres for urban drives because of traffic jam associated with slow traffic. It runs on a relatively big engine size of 2500cc and it partly explains why it is considered a high maintenance car.

It also has bucket seats that provide a comfortable driving posture with enough leg room to reach the pedals.

When it is due for service, I spend Shs300,000 per garage visit to replace engine oil, oil and fuel filters, air cleaner, spark plugs, brake pads, automatic transmission fluid, coolant and a few other basics.

Unlike some cars that develop mechanical faults and the vehicle remains moving, the performance of the Mark X will change because it uses more of electric power than manual power. This in the long run increases fuel consumption because it mostly relies on the engine output for general performance.

Robert Tumusiime 

For the three years I have driven the Mark X, I have noticed that if you want its consumption to be low, much as it runs on a 2500cc engine, you have to fill its tank whenever you refuel. When full, the system is filled with fuel and this means the engine will not struggle to pick fuel from the tank via the fuel pump.

Like most Toyota brands, most of the spare parts can be sourced locally and at affordable prices from places such as Kisekka Market, Katwe, Wandegeya and Ndeeba, among others. On average, I spend Shs200,000 on servicing after covering the recommended 5,000km, which I cover in approximately four months, unless I often travel upcountry. There are times when the car is scratched or when the lights are broken by reckless motorcyclists and this means I have to be at the garage before the recommended mileage for service.  

It also requires a mechanic who understands electric cars because it is highly computerised, including most features of the dashboard. It is also a car whose boot cannot carry heavy luggage. Its ground clearance will be compromised further yet it is already too low.       


Maximum power   203 - 321ps

Drive type   AWD/FR

Engine capacity   2,499 - 3,456cc


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