Passo offers the best fuel economy  

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While many are digging deep into their pockets to refuel their cars, these motorists are resting easy because they drive the Toyota Passo, a reliable car when it comes to fuel consumption

Sharon Agaba  

When I researched online for cars with smaller engines of 1000cc in late 2019, I was guided towards a Toyota Vitz or the Passo. I chose the 2012 Passo because it fit within my importation budget at the time. Before this, I had owned a number of cars but none had ever given me better fuel economy as my Passo.

It runs on a 1000cc that can be refuelled with as low as Shs5,000. Since I mostly drive it from my home in Ntinda to my workplace in Kololo, Kampala, (a distance of 8.2kms), a full tank of 40 litres will last a month. It is the perfect car, especially now when fuel prices are increasing every day. I recently took a trip to Masaka District and I covered 25kms using one litre of fuel and only needed fuel worth Shs100,000 to and from Kampala.

The only thing I hate about this car is the fact that it is mainly built for city drives. Because mine is powered by the front wheels, it is not a car I can comfortably drive upcountry or on a rough marrum road. It also has low ground clearance which makes the front bumper susceptible to damage, especially on potholed roads.

Alex Baguma

I will recommend the Toyota Passo as a first time car because of the many advantages it has. I use mine for Uber and its fuel consumption cannot be compared to any car of its classification. When the fuel gauge lights red, I will still drive for approximately five to 10kms before the tank completely runs dry. When I refuel with Shs20,000, I can make five trips before refuelling again, depending on where  I am dropping the client. Low consumption and more mileage means I am earning profit.

Since I use this car daily, I service it once every three months. I mostly replace engine oil, brake pads, air cleaners, oil and fuel filters and I spend Shs80,000 to Shs100,000 per garage visit. Sometimes, I spend as low as Shs50,000, especially when I do not change the oil or replace the brake pads. To keep the Passo’s engine in good mechanical condition, it is advisable to use quality oil and high octane fuel that is free from impurities and adulteration.  

What I do not like about the Passo is its small boot. There are times when I have failed to transport clients with big suitcases because they cannot fit in the boot. However, the Passo gives you driving comfort, stability at relatively high speeds and reliability on the road since it rarely breaks down when well maintained.

Dorah Kansiime

I like the Toyota Passo because it is not only affordable to buy but also affordable to maintain. I bought mine at Shs25m when the previous owner was going back abroad but I feel I cheated them if I compare the maintenance expenditure to the cost of the car. If I was to buy one from a bond, I would need Shs30m or more. One of the reasons low consumption cars have a high resale value is because they are affordable to maintain and the Passo falls in this category.    

Currently, when the cost of almost everything is increasing, being able to drive your car without digging deep into your pockets is a plus. Even when the fuel prices are high, I spend Shs50,000 on fuel per week.

For almost two years of owning the car, I have not replaced any major parts. I service it once in four to five months and I spend Shs120,000.

Release. The Toyota Passo was first released in 2004 by Toyota and Daihatsu Boon who are both Japanese automobile companies. Since then, there has been a release of three generations and different models of the Toyota Passo.

Maximum power    69 - 95ps
Drive type    69 - 95ps
Engine capacity   996 - 1,329cc


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