Subaru 2006: Servicing is key

With the Subaru Turbocharged machine, Maraka enjoys every bit of his time on the road. Photo/Joan Salmon

For most Subaru owners such as John Peter Maraka, it is all about the power and stamina on the road. Coming in six trims; 2.5i, outback sport wagon, WRX TR, WRX, WRX Llimted and WRX Sti, the model has a lot to offer those that love it.  
This Subaru model is a sedan meaning it is relatively low in height which  ensures the weight is closer to the ground giving it low centre of gravity.  The implication, according to Dunstun Kabenge, a car mechanic, is that  cornering, swerving and changing direction do not disturb its  balance as it would an SUV. 
Additionally, the seating space is separate from the boot. While that may not be much when one is buying  car,  Kabenge, says for some car owners for whom boot space is not a priority, this is important.  
The five-door vehicle is an all-wheel-drive meaning it fares well in the varios road types and will not skid should a downpour find the driver on a murrum road.

Manual or auto
Having the option of either purchasing a manual or automatic transmission. “While some people favour automatic cars for ease of driving, other prefer manual cars as they say these make them ‘enjoy’ the driving experience better ,” Kabenge shares.

The four cylinder engine car (for automatic cars) posses horsepower of up to 230hp which allows it to shift from 0 to 60mph in six seconds or less. Edgar Tamale, a car mechanic says that on the other hand, manual transmission cars have five cylinders.  “That engine is strong enough to give the vehicle good speed and is better than its predecessor which had only 227hp,”Tamale says.  
Tamale adds that the engine also comes with an Active Valve Control System which further boosts the performance. “However, this is only for those with automatic transmission. The downside is that these cars shift fast,” he says.
Speed aside, the vehicle can also serve the family well, more so if one has small children because the small vehicle does not have ample legroom for the back seats.

The consumption is affordable as long as one does not rev it a lot as is synonymous with several Subaru drivers. Maraka currently uses Shs30,000 for a round trip from Busiika to Kampala (12.2km).  The fuel tank has the capacity of  64 litres.

The interior of the Subaru Turbo-charge machine, has a clean design with leather material which is long lasting. 

Apart from being stable on the road, the Subaru Turbo-charged 2006 model comes with side-impact air bags coupled with head extensions. “That is enjoyed by all the front seats,” Tamale shares.  

While some love them for the speed and power, Kabenge says several mechanics steer clear of them owing to the turbo that requires finesse to work on. “Many will say the car is bad just because they do not have the knowledge to tear it apart and restore it to life. However, the cars are amazing and taken to the right mechanic, you will enjoy its output,” he says.
Car maintenance costs about Shs170,000 and when the car is well handled, one will only do it once in three years. For better diagnosis, Kabenge says visiting a garage that performs computer diagnosis makes it quicker and more accurate.

Seth Mukisa, a car dealer says these cars are no longer brought into the Ugandan market because the law does not allow for older cars into the country. Therefore, for one that desires to get one, the best place is the car bond or from a mutual friend.  “The price is between Shs26m and Shs30m and the determining factor is the recency of the number plate,” he says.

This five-seater car majorly comes with dark leather interiors and ratchet-type height adjustment. “That allows for additional upward movement for the driver,” Tamale shares. 
While the boot space is small, the back seats are foldable allowing for more cargo space, should the car owner need it. The wagon has 459 litres of trunk space while the others have 433 litre capacity. 
Additionally, there are other storage spaces such as the cup-holders. “There are two for the front passengers and two others at the back,” Tamale says.  There are also side mesh pockets for both the driver and the passengers (it works well for books).  The glove compartment also comes in handy for further storage. 

General Outlook 
 According to, the 2006 Subaru is a wagon with no equal when it comes to off-road capability and, with a powerful engine lineup and sharp reflexes on pavement, you’ll find it fun to drive even when the weather isn’t terrible. A small backseat will keep it from competing with larger-capacity SUVs, but for the family of four looking for stylish transportation for all seasons, it could be a perfect fit.
The 2.5 XT upgrades to a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine with 250 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque.
It also has have four-wheel antilock disc brakes with EBD, front-seat side-impact airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and active head restraints.