The Allion is reliable, fast

Thursday September 16 2021
By Roland D. Nasasira

Suzan Owembabazi

I have driven the Toyota Allion for two years. It is one of the most fuel efficient cars. My particular model runs on a 1500cc engine and I worry less about fuel even when I am driving in traffic jam.

I spend Shs120, 000 on fuel weekly when I make many movements within the city centre.

On the days when I just drive to and from work, I spend between Shs80, 000 to Shs100, 000 a week from Ntinda, about 6.4 kilometres, to the city centre.

Equally, I spend less on service and maintenance. I know very little about car mechanics but I know I spend Shs200, 000 every time it is due for regular garage visit.

I have one trusted mechanic who picks the car from work or home and returns it with an invoice. The challenge comes when motorcyclists scratch on the car and I have to repair the dents that sometimes cost more.


It also has an average length and this makes it easy to park.  It also comes with a rear view camera in case you have issues with reverse parking. 

The only downside with the Allion is that the legroom for the passengers at the rear is not as satisfactory as that of the driver and co-driver.

When you have passengers and you are travelling for long distances, you have to make stopovers to allow them stretch their legs.

John Paul Kakooza

The Toyota Allion 2006 model is one of the saloon cars fitted with the 4WD system capable of driving through slippery murram road without difficulties.

One time, I drove it up a slippery hill after a heavy downpour at Bukomansimbi District where some SUVs were struggling.

I had just replaced the tyres and it must have been one of the reasons why the car did not skid. It is a car you can comfortably rely on regardless of where you are driving as long as it is in a good mechanical condition.

My model runs on a 1800cc engine and I find it affordable to maintain given the fluctuating fuel prices. When I am driving on a highway, I can comfortably drive a distance of 15km using one litre of fuel and this makes the Allion economical and fuel efficient.

I carry out service and maintenance once every four months because I drive it four times a week.

I spend Shs250, 000 on major service and this will replace engine oil, brake pads, air cleaner, fuel and oil filters and a few other essential parts.

The only garage visit I ever spent a lot of money on was when I changed the tyres.

Each piece cost me Shs200, 000. I normally source for its spare parts from Kisekka Market, Ndeeba, Katwe and Wandegeya.

Most of the spare parts are locally available and at affordable prices. In the four years I have driven the Allion, there has been no day I have had to park the car because of a spare part that could be found.

Besides, it shares most parts with the Toyota Premio and other Toyota brands. 

Lawrence Kivumbi

My particular model of the Allion is a front wheel drive, meaning the strength to move all its four wheels is dependent on the front ones.

This feature allows me to drive through murram roads without getting stuck.

It is also a fast car when you need speed especially when driving on a highway. It picks up speed from zero to 100km/hour in less than a minute and this is fast enough for fast drivers. However, you have to be experienced and careful because it has a powerful engine (1800cc) even though it is small.

It also has high stability levels especially when the trunk is loaded. Its ground clearance is more or less similar to that of the Toyota Premio.

You can easily manoeuvre through potholed and murram roads without the parts underneath rubbing against the road surface to expose them to damage. When carrying out service every after driving 5,000km, I spend Shs200,000 on average, unless there are mechanical problems such as a puncture or stolen side mirrors that I have to replace immediately.

This amount (Shs200,000) is only for minor repairs and a few major replacements such as engine oil. 

When I carry out major service, the cost stretches to Shs400, 000. The Allion is a car that can be repaired by any mechanic who understands Japan car technology, unlike certain car brands.

When I fill its tank of 60litres, I can comfortably drive for 270 kilomtres to Mbarara or Mbale without need to refuel along the way.

The Review

The Allion is truly for the multi-faceted personality. It’s a ‘sporty on the outside and elegance on the inside’ kind of a car. It gives a comfortable and relaxed drive feel with the sense of security that you have the up-to-date cutting edge automobile technology fitted into your ride. The Japanese sure know how to make their stuff tick. You can find the touch of class of the Camry and the Mark-X sedans in the Allion which makes it worthy of its ‘All-in-one’ name.

Well built, nice body cut, looks bigger than 1.5L cars, luxury interior finishing, high-tech features which are practical for daily usage eg. Auto headlights, keyless entry, keyless start, auto climate control, rear windshield wiper, huge boot space which can fit a CNG tank and lots of space for luggage storage.