The Belta is affordable to maintain and fuel

What you need to know:

Released in 2007 to replace the Toyota Platz, the Belta comes with a number of engine variations to meet different user needs. For these motorists, it is also easy to maintain

Rosette Ninsiima  

I bought the Toyota Belta 2007 model because it has ample interior space. My particular model runs on a 1500cc petrol engine that I find pocket friendly in terms of fuel consumption even with the increasing fuel prices. It is also cheap to maintain.

Before the increase in fuel prices, I would fill the tank with Shs180,000 and this would take me for close to three weeks. Nowadays, from my home in Mutungo to my workplace in Naguru, Kampala (a distance of about 29.9kms), a full tank lasts only one and a half weeks.

On the highway, I will cover 17kms per litre of fuel, unlike in the city where I cover 10-12kms per litre of fuel, depending on how fast or slow the traffic is. It is not a fast performance car but it will give you the required speed without compromising stability. It also has ample boot space that can carry a lot of luggage. This also increases its stability, especially for long distance drives.

Richard Kavuma

I love my Toyota Belta for its small but powerful engine. Unlike some cars that are front wheel drives, the Belta generates its power from all the wheels, which makes it drivable through any terrain. And because it comes with basic technology, in case of a mechanical problem, I can drive into any roadside garage and get the service I need.

I service my Belta once every five months and this costs Shs200,000. This gets me new engine oil, fuel filters, spark plugs, brake pads, automatic transmission fluid and a few other basic parts.

One of its downsides it that it has a small wheel base which tends to restrict the size of tyres I can use. I recently wanted to raise it a little but I could not use low profile tyres because they are of a specified standard.

Jonathan Tumwine 

II bought the Belta because I wanted a car that is economical not only with fuel consumption but also maintenance.

From my home in Naalya to my workplace in Ntinda (a distance of about 37.6kms), I spend Shs60,000 per week. I save fuel by leaving home early before the traffic jam buildup and leave work as late as 9pm when there are fewer cars on the road. With the current rise in fuel prices, I also work from home in order to save fuel.

For service, I buy my spare parts from Kisekka market in Kampala or Wandegeya at affordable prices. I recently replaced the shocks and each pair cost me Shs500,000. The fact that the Belta shares many parts with other Toyota brands makes maintenance cheap and affordable.

Minor service costs me Shs120,000 and I visit the garage once every five months.


Fuel type   Petrol

Transmission    Manual

Engine displacement   1462 cc

Seating capacity  5


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