The Land Cruiser TX is a reliable family car

What you need to know:

Although many think the Land Cruiser TX is a fuel guzzler, these three motorists think otherwise

Ambrose Nuwagaba

I have had my Toyota Land Cruiser TXL for three years  and bought it with a mileage below 50km. It is a 2017 model that runs on a 3000cc diesel manual transmission engine. What I can say is that for one to enjoy this car, it is best to buy it brand new. For instance, in the three years I have had it, I have not changed any major spare parts, except the basic parts such as the brake system.

Since it has a number of wires running its electrical system, one thing I have avoided is getting the engine washed at the washing bay. It is only washed during service at the dealership since here, the mechanics understand how best to do it. All they do is use a wet clothe to wipe the engine block or any dirt.

The other way of not damaging the electrical system with water during the engine washing process is washing it (engine) when it is in idling. 

The most common mechanical problem that one will face with this car is clutch damage, especially with the manual version.  Its engine has never been opened.

During service, I only do an engine oil replacement, fuel filter, oil filter, air cleaner replacements and a few other basic part changes.

General service usually costs Shs700,000 and I do it once every four months. Its mileage has reached 150,000km and I want to replace the timing and fan belts. I have also replaced tyres a number of times and with each costing Shs750,000.

Lawrence Bakunda

I bought my second hand Land Cruiser TX from a local bond. Although it appeared new and in good condition, I needed to have it serviced. For instance, a full set of its brake pads for the four tyres costs Shs270,000 while a tyre will cost as much as Shs600,000 depending on the type and where you buy from. It is also a car whose mechanical problem you can diagnose by listening to the sounds it makes and how the gears engage.

On the highway, I drive 12kms per litre of fuel and eight kilometres per litre in places with urban traffic such as Kampala. It has a somewhat big engine of 3000cc but it is fuel efficient when it comes to consumption. 

When you run into road bumps or potholes that you had not seen ahead, do not brake instantly. Instead, drive on to avoid damaging the antilock brake system.

Moses Kalyango  

I owned the TX for two years and moved on to the Hilux because of the nature of my work. However, the TX was the ultimate family car because it could comfortably sit eight people.

The middle row was designed to carry three passengers but could comfortably sit four. It has two adjustable seats at the rear that can also carry passengers. The rear seats can be folded in case you have to carry luggage in the trunk. Mine has a roof rack that carried a lot more luggage than that carried in the trunk.

The front seats provide ample legroom, while passengers in the middle row will also sit comfortably without feeling knee pain over long distances.

Its spare parts are locally available at the dealerships regardless of where you bought the car from. Spares can also be sourced at different shops in Katwe, Ndeeba and Wandegeya, Kampala, at affordable prices.

In terms of performance, it is a car you can rely on because it can travel anywhere and through any road terrain. This is due to its good ground clearance.


Power: 163Bhp @ 5200rpm

Valves: 16

Engine capacity: 2693 cc

Torque 246Nm @ 3800rpm


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