The Nissan Fuga is luxurious, spacious

What you need to know:

  • The Fuga is loved by motorists, thanks to its roomy interior, excellent performance and a wide range of luxurious interior trim options, Roland D. Nasasira writes. 

George Kalema  
One of the features I love about the Nissan Fuga is its driving comfort. Apart from the seats having comfortable cushions, you can also adjust the steering wheel to the required level enabling you to steer well. It is also stable at high speeds. 

Because of its weight, I can drive up to the 120km/hr mark and it will remain stable even while driving over humps or potholes. It also picks up speed faster than most cars I have driven before. 

My particular model runs on a 2500cc petrol engine and with the current unstable fuel prices, I spend Shs200,000 on fuel per week from my home in Naalya to my workplace in Nakasero ( a distance of about 40.9kms). There are, however, times I spend more, especially on days when there is slow moving traffic or when I divert from my usual route. Before the increase in fuel prices, I would spend Shs150,000 on fuel per week. 

Isaac Baguma 
The nature of my work dictates that I travel often from Kampala to Mbarara City twice a week. I wanted a car that would give me fuel efficiency, speed, comfort and reliability. The Nissan Fuga was recommended by a friend four years ago and I have not regretted buying it. 

It has a somewhat big engine of 2500cc for a car of its class but it does not consume as much fuel as you would expect. For instance, from Kampala to Mbarara City, I spend Shs300,000 on fuel. Sometimes, this might increase or decrease depending on the way I accelerate. 

One thing I have noticed is that the Fuga has to be serviced on time. It is not a car that you can drive above the recommended service mileage and still expect it to perform optimally. 
For instance, there was a time I delayed carrying out full service because I did not have the money. 

As I accelerated, I could feel the engine dragging which led to an increase in fuel consumption. At the garage, I was told the engine was closer to experiencing an engine knock. Other parts such as the oil filter also needed replacement. 

On average, I spend Shs250,000 every time I go to the garage for minor repairs and approximately Shs600,000 for full service. This caters for engine oil, spark plugs, air cleaner, fuel and oil filters, brake pads and automatic transmission fluid. 

Joel Mwesigye  
Although I love my Nissan Fuga, it has low ground clearance which makes it more of a town car. When I bought it in 2017, I lived in Kiira in Wakiso District but later moved to Najjeera since certain sections of the road in Kiira were impassable whenever it rained. If you are to drive it on a rough road, you have to be so careful to avoid damaging sensitive parts such as the oil sump. 

Apart from the low ground clearance, the Fuga offers a lot of interior space, enough legroom for the driver and a spacious trunk for luggage. 

Safety. Some of the Nissan Fuga’s safety features include airbags for driver and passenger, stability control, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and ISOFIX child seat mounting.


Power- 210 - 333ps
Fuel Consumption 8 - 11km/L
Engine Capacity    2,495 - 4,494cc


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