The Toyota Allex is affordable to maintain

What you need to know:

For features such as reliability, fuel economy and efficiency, the Toyota Allex is loved by these motorists

Vivian Kwagala  

I have had my Toyota Allex for three years. With its 1500cc petrol engine, even when a litre of fuel on average currently costs Shs5,500, I can comfortably refuel with Shs50,000 and commute from my home in Kyanja, Kampala,  to my workplace in Naguru, Kampala, for a week.

It is a reliable car that even when the fuel gauge lights red, you can still drive a reasonable distance or until the next petrol station. There is always reserve fuel before the engine completely stalls.

If you have a family of four, it is the ultimate car because it can comfortably accommodate five passengers, including the driver. When I am travelling with my family for weekend getaways, it is my car of choice because its boot can carry at least five backpacks or average sized suitcases.  Besides, it is a small car that can fit in small spaces, especially when it comes to street and home parking. The only challenge I face is that because it is a popular car, it is always subject to vandalism, especially by criminals looking for side mirrors. 

Stephen Opio

The Toyota Allex is one of the most reliable cars you can have. Even with a mechanical fault, you can still drive the car until you are able to have it fixed. For instance, my car’s engine mounting got faulty early this year causing it to vibrate every time I was on the road. I did not have the money to have it fixed at the time because I needed approximately Shs2m to change other parts that work closely with the mounting. I drove it for close to two months with the fault and I do not remember getting stuck anywhere.

Unlike some cars that require specialised mechanics, when I am far from my usual mechanic and the car develops a mechanical fault, I can drive into any garage to get my car fixed. About three months ago as I drove to Gulu, the check engine light started showing on the dashboard. I first ignored it because I had serviced the car three weeks prior to the journey. When I reached Migyeera in Nakasongola District, the light was still on.

I looked for a mechanic who after carefully inspection advised that the coolant needed replacement. When this was done, the light went off after a short drive.

Joseph Mitala

Although the Toyota Allex does not have 4x4 features, you can trust and rely on it to drive through aany terrain as long as your tyres have treads. It is a front wheel powered car with good ground clearance. To achieve maximum driving comfort on rough roads, the suspension system, especially the shock absorbers, have to be in the best mechanical condition.

Because of its small engine of 1500cc, I can cover 15kms per litre on the highway because the engine then performs way faster with very minimal consumption, unlike in urban areas with slow moving traffic where I will cover approximately 10kms per litre.

I service the car once in four months after covering 5,000km as prescribed on the service manual and I spend Shs150,000 per garage visit for minor service. Here, I replace brake pads, engine oil, coolant, oil filter and air cleaner. Components such as the air cleaner are replaced upon recommendation from the mechanic.


Max power                 105 - 190ps

Fuel                             No Data

Drive Type                 AWD/FF

Engine Capacity        1,496 - 1,795cc

Number of Seats        5


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