The Toyota Allex is fuel efficient

Thursday June 03 2021

An Allex boasts stylish interior and exterior designs and is ideal for movement through congested streets. PHOTO /ISAAC SSEJOMBWE

By Roland D. Nasasira

Hellen Birungi

One of the aspects I like about the Toyota Allex is its fuel efficiency. I once filled the fuel tank and drove from Kampala to Fort Portal. I only topped up in Mityana on my way back with Shs100,000. I was worried that I would run out of fuel along the way because I refuel from particular fuel stations. This experience was about four months after buying the car.  Since then, I use the Totoya Allex every time I am driving upcountry. I would recommend it for first time motorists because of its fuel efficiency.

It also has soft cushions that give you the maximum driving comfort even when you are on the road the whole day. It is just a matter of stopping during your drive to stretch and get back on the road.  With its 1500cc engine size, there is no need to worry about driving in urban areas even when they have a lot of traffic jam.

It is a simple family car that can accommodate five passengers, including the driver. It is also averagely small in size and this makes it easy to park on the street. The only problem I experience on the road is that small cars are often bullied by motorists in bigger vehicles even when I am driving in my lane. It is as though people with small cars such as the Allex are not meant to be on the road. Overtime, I have got used to this bullying and I drive at my pace.

I have not had any major repairs to do on the car since late 2019 when I bought it. The only repairs I do are the regular garage visits to change the engine oil, wiper blades, transmission fluid, brake pads and a few other parts. Surprisingly, I have never spent more than that Shs150,000 on these minor repairs. When I include labour costs, it adds up to Shs200,000, which is still fair enough. 

Ivan Kalyango


I travel quite often upcountry because of the nature of my job and I find the Toyota Allex better to drive on any road. I will manoeuvre through without getting stuck anywhere because it has a raised ground clearance.

I like its traction forces that even when I am driving on a slippery road, I will maintain grip with the road surface without skidding. This is possible because I always replace its tyres.

 When you take good care of it, it till take you places you never thought it could go.

When I am driving around Kampala, I refuel with Shs150,000 and it runs me for approximately 10 days from Kiwatule to Kampala city where my office is. If I wake up early and beat the morning traffic jam, I am left with fuel that can take me for two more days.

Because I drive it a lot upcountry, sometimes the suspension system tends to weaken but it is an area that has to be inspected every time you go to the garage to allow the car perform at its  best especially when you drive on bumpy roads.

One aspect about these cars is that their parts are sought after by car thieves or even spare part dealers.  I have on several occasions replaced the side mirrors after they have been plucked off from the street. I have since had them locked and hooked permanently but I also always park it in places with security.

On average, I spend between Shs200,000 to Shs300,000 on service and maintenance. I replace the engine oil, air cleaners, fuel and oil filters, brake pads, automatic transmission fluid and a few other important car lubricants. This is every four months.

Patrick Katumba 

I have driven some Toyota brands such as the Toyota Spacio and the Noah that start to vibrate when you drive above 100km/hour but an Allex does not vibrate at high speeds.

When it is loaded, I can drive up to 120km/hour and it will still command a high level of stability.

However, you do not have to drive up to this speed to find out or experiment how stable the car is, unless you trust you’re driving skills and its mechanical condition. Besides, there are very few highways in Uganda along which you can drive at such speeds.

The fuel consumption of the Toyota Allex is one of the best among vehicles of its category. Its size is equivalent to the engine size (1500cc) on which it runs and it is a car I would recommend for young motorists and those buying a car for the first time.

It is not only stress free when it comes to fuel efficiency but also with its maintenance. It is a car whose fuel gauge light will appear on the dashboard but will still take you for a reasonable distance to find a fuel station.

On average, I spend approximately Shs200,000 on service. 


Brand: Toyota

Model: Allex

Generation: Allex

Start Prodn: 2001

End Prodn: 2006

Body type: Hatchback

Engine Type: Gas

Valves: 16            

Total Seating: 5