Tiguan: A stylish, multipurpose car

What you need to know:

  • Apart from its admirable stability and comfort and a sizeable trunk that gives you space to carry luggage, to enjoy the Tiguan, Okao says it is better to drive on a full tank.

Jackie Okao drives a silver Volkswagen Tiguan that she bought in December 2021. Running on a 2000cc petrol engine, the Tiguan is a five seater subcompact vehicle that has slowly become popular on Ugandan roads. There are, however, other versions that come as seven seaters.

“The comfort I get overshadows what I spend on fuel. I do a lot of long distance travel and although I drive between 80km to 90km/hr on the highway, it is one of the most stable cars I have driven. If you do not over accelerate, it does not consume a lot,” Okao says.

Apart from its admirable stability and comfort and a sizeable trunk that gives you space to carry luggage, to enjoy the Tiguan, Okao says it is better to drive on a full tank.  Not only does a substantial full tank amount take you for a while but it also keeps car parts such as the fuel tank and pump with the required fuel levels to prevent rust and damage. Its fuel tank carries 60 litres, which costs between Shs300,000 and Shs350,000 with the current fuel price fluctuations.

Service and maintenance

A 2010 model by make and a five seater, including the driver, service and maintenance of the Tiguan is affordable. However, unlike most cars, the Tiguan is a service disciplinarian, especially to motorists who do not like servicing their cars on time. 

“This car will not allow you to drive past the recommended mileage. Recently, I almost reached the mileage required to do service. Around that time, I had an upcountry trip and thought I would service when I return. Thankfully, before the date for the trip, the low engine oil light appeared on the dashboard. I ended up servicing the car at a cost of Shs270,000 and thankfully, I have not had any issues since then,” Okao explains.

Spare parts

Most of the Tiguan’s spare parts are readily available on the local market. For instance, Okao replaced the front sensors next to the front headlight at Shs200,000. Apparently, these (sensors) are targeted by car thieves which calls for caution when parking.

“Performance-wise, if you are a fast driver, it will give you what you want. But being a German brand, it picks up speed abnormally faster. You have to be careful to avoid any distractions such as using the phone while driving. Even when you hit a pothole, it remains stable,” says Okao. 

In terms of maintenance, Okao opines that you cannot compare the Tiguan to the Mercedes Benz 4Matics or the BMW X3. She argues that the fuel consumption of the former is better yet they serve the same purpose and are classified as SUVs.

“People who go for the Tiguan are those looking for class and comfort. You get all that at a lower fuel cost and maintenance compared to high end cars,” she adds.

Ground clearance

Like most compact sport utility vehicles, a classification under which the Tiguan falls, it has a well raised ground clearance that allows you drive through any terraine. Underneath the car is a steel metal that covers and protects it from damage from road bumps. The Tiguan comes with an option of having it as an All-wheel drive or a four wheel drive. 


According to CarandDriver.com, The Tiguan’s interior is classically Volkswagen, which is to say that it is simple and functional but not particularly stylish. Others offer more legroom in the second row, but the Tiguan is one of the only vehicles in the class that has a seating for seven.

“The Tiguan comes standard with cloth seating and partial power adjustment for the front seats. Opting into more expensive versions comes with full power adjustment for the driver, faux-leather seating, and a panoramic sunroof. With just 12 cubic feet of cargo space behind the available third row, the Tiguan simply cannot be a hauling vehicle when the third row is in use. With the third row folded, the Tiguan’s cargo measurements put it about in the middle of this class for raw space. With all the seats folded, we fit 19 of our carry-on boxes in the Tiguan, less than we stuffed inside key rivals including the CR-V,” the portal states.


Saeed Bilal, the sales manager at Yuasa Investments Limited, says the cost of the used Volkswagen Tiguan ranges between Shs43m to Shs48m. The prices are determined by the quality, standard mileage and the colour.