Toyota Rush gives you comfort of an SUV

One of the most common complaints among car owners about the Toyota Rush is the weak acceleration.  PHOTOS/INTERNET

What you need to know:

You will confuse the Toyota Rush for the RAV4 if you are not observant. This is because the two car types pass off as almost the same size. The difference is in specifications and performance features, writes Roland D. Nasasira.

Barbra Ninsiima

I have driven the Toyota Rush for approximately two years. I initially drove a Toyota Spacio but I had to get rid of it because I wanted something with a raised ground clearance.

I had the RAV4 in mind but what pushed me out was its price; it is how I ended up with the Toyota Rush.

I find the Toyota Rush more comfortable compared to the Spacio because it is raised.  Even with its small size and shape, it gives you the driving comfort and stability of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).  On the road, it is one of the cars that runs on a 1500cc engine that will give you the performance you need.  I once drove it to the village in Ntungamo and while there, it rained heavily. I was worried that the car would not manoeuvre through the rough road.

When I engaged its four wheel drive system, I was able to steer smoothly. It lost stability with hard acceleration on a slippery murrum road but I fortunately never got stack. 

If you are the kind who likes keeping documents in your car, the Rush comes in handy. It provides you with ample storage pockets in all the four doors and a few others on the dashboard.

It is a car I would recommend for anyone who wishes to travel in raised cars but also enjoys the comfort of driving in jam without worrying about fuel. I do not know much about car mechanics but I normally spend Shs200,000 on service and maintenance.  I have a trusted mechanic who inspects every aspect of the car and notifies me on what needs to be replaced and how much it costs.

If there is no broken down part upon inspection during service, I just pay for minor repairs and I am back on the road. It is also an averagely small car and this makes it easy to park along the streets or in the smallest of compounds at home. 

 George William Sentongo

I find the Toyota Rush economical when it comes to fuel consumption. With its 1500cc engine, it can give me approximately 14km using one litre of fuel on a highway.

In urban areas with built up traffic jam especially around rush hours, it gives me between six to nine depending on the intensity of the traffic build up.

Its consumption is something you can rely on at any time especially if you are the kind who runs on a daily or weekly budget given the ever changing prices of fuel at most stations.

Its service and maintenance is equally affordable.  Minor service where you replace parts such as the brake pads, engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, coolant and a few other basics will not cost you more than Shs250,000 atleast once in three or four months.

One of the downsides of the Rush is that it comes with a small trunk that cannot allow you carry much foodstuff if you are the kind who travels a lot.

Herbert Wamala

I have driven the Rush for approximately three years now. One of the features I like about the Rush is its 4WD system.

Along murrum roads where some cars skid off the road, the Rush will remain stable and maintain high traction levels.  My particular model runs on a manual transmission and this makes it enjoyable to drive on a slippery murrum road if you understand how to engage the required gears.

The downside of the Rush is that it is a rear wheel drive car.

If you are driving up the hill on a murrum road, you will find it a little hard to go over if you do not engage its 4WD system on time.

The only worry is that the 4WD system tends to burn more fuel compared to the rear wheel drive system.

Like most Japan cars, the spare parts of the Rush are readily available on the local market in places such as Kisekka and Ndeeba. It can also be repaired by an average mechanic who understands car basics.

There is no worry that it is a sophisticated car that requires special mechanics.  On average, I spend between Shs100,000 to Shs200,000 depending on what needs to be serviced.

If you are the kind who loves speed especially on a highway, the Rush is not a car you will push harder.

The more you accelerate to higher speeds above 100km/hour, it will start to shake or vibrate. You will start to think of the engine mounting with the problem yet it is due to high speeds.


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