What are the pros and cons of a Toyota Picnic engine 1AZ-FE 2000cc?

What are the pros and cons of a Toyota Picnic engine 1AZ-FE 2000cc? 
Hello, I would like to know the pros and cons of a Toyota Picnic engine 1AZ-FE 2000cc. Kindly let me know its fuel economy compared to, say, Toyota Wish 1800cc, acceleration and toggle issues, as well as the current resale value of the 2003 model. Kuthe

The Picnic belongs to the same family group as the Toyota Ipsum and Avensis Verso, and precedes the slightly enlarged Noah and Voxy, among others. All are compact ‘people movers’, so they have engines tuned for competence, reliability, longevity and economy, and not for exceptional power and pace.

In line with their target market, their trim sophistication is moderate but safety ranks high.

There are minor variations in the fuel economy of different engine sizes and generations and gearbox options, but these are far smaller than the variations caused by different driving styles, usage patterns, road and load and traffic conditions as well as maintenance disciplines.

Even the official consumption figures (which have little to do with real life), acknowledge that the Picnic, and all its cousin-brothers, “can” achieve up to 20+ km per litre in supremely economical conditions, and “can” be driven aggressively enough in extremely uneconomical conditions to achieve less than two kilometres per litre (sic).

So how and where you drive and the condition of your car are many times more significant than the academic numbers you will find on spec sheets.  Broadly, you should get at least 10 km per litre in general use, and up to 15 km per litre on open highway journeys.

The “acceleration and toggle issues” you mention need to be more specific for me to hazard a guess at cause or cure, but on colloquial evidence, anything not quite right with the accelerator or idling or pick-up is most likely to stem from the throttle mechanism (adjustment) or the throttle body (which can get blocked and may simply need to be cleaned). 

There are some contemporary products which can assist that process, and no doubt some jua kali methods, too.


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