Why does my car indicate restricted performance?

Thursday January 14 2021
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By Paul D. Kaganzi

Hello  Paul, I drive a 2012 Range Rover Sport. A few days ago, it started displaying a “Restricted performance” message. The car still accelerated but without the kick down I am used to. What does this mean and what has caused it? Karamagi.

Hello Karamagi, the message on your Range Rover message centre “Restricted performance “ means the engine management system has switched your car engine performance to a limp mode. This status allows you minimal performance to get to the nearest garage without damaging the engine. The limp mode status in your Range Rover can be caused by a range of faults affecting either the intake, emission, fuel or ignition systems. 
Before jumping to conclusions, visit a Land Rover garage for a snap computer diagnosis which will reveal diagnostic fault codes to point to the specific components that are either faulty or affected by an abnormal condition. Careful analysis of computer diagnostic fault codes is essential to draw the correct conclusions and determine correct repair action.