Why you should change car filters on schedule

Your oil filter should be replaced every 5,000km with a recommended brand. PHOTO BY MARK KAWALYA

What you need to know:

Car filters play a crucial role in the operation of your vehicle and they need regular replacement. We take a look at some of the filters that need your attention.

It is easy to ignore your car filters. For one, most of them are made from simple materials such as synthetic paper and they normally do not cost much. It is common to think that other parts such as shock absorbers and brake pads rank higher in the hierarchy of importance of car parts.
Take Wilson, a man I know. He once told me how he drove a 2000 Toyota Fielder without changing his air cleaner for five years. Aside from increased fuel consumption, he had to replace his air mass sensor three times, not knowing that a dirty air cleaner is one of the things that ruins air mass sensors.


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